Election Mood Engulfs Kenyatta Universty as KUSA Aspirants Pick up their Nomination Papers


Today marks the genesis of the race for various Kenyatta University Student Association (KUSA) leadership posts as prospective candidates were seen swarming the Business and Student Center (BSSC) to pick their nomination papers for the various posts they are eyeing. Much excitement was witnessed as various aspirants arrived accompanied by their backers and Loud prattle never missed be heard from BSSC first flour where the papers were being issued.


This comes after all seats in current KUSA governance structure were declared vacant by the chairman of KUSA electoral commission.

“By virtue of the powers vested in the KUSA electoral commission by article 53 and54 of the KUSA (2014) constitution, I hereby declare all the seats in the current KUSA executive council and congress vacant and open for contest,” The chairman declared through a memo dated 17 September 2015.

The vacant positions include; executive council positions, congressional hall congress persons, nyayo zone hostels, Ruiru campus hostels, non residents to the congress and school congressional areas. According to the KUSA constitutional amendment article 14, international students in Kenyatta University are also required to elect their congress person.

The aspirants were to pick the nomination papers and use then to collect signatures from students. Till 24th Thursday of this month, each executive candidate require five hundred signatures while congresspersons only need one hundred of them to enable them officially run for the various seats.

The same memo however warned the prospective candidates to detest from forging signatures and names as this could lead to their disqualification.

“No candidate will be cleared to contest unless he/she meets the conditions of the KUSA constitution. Further a prospective candidate may be disqualified based on the provisions of the same constitution Article 17 and 33,” stressed the memo.

Article 17 talks of the disqualification to the congress while article thirty three expound on disqualification for election to the executive council.

As each probable candidates commence to battle to convince the electorates that he/she merit the contested seat, Theodore Roosevelt reminds us that ‘a vote is like a bullet: it’s usefulness depends upon the character of the user.’





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