Embu University Students Drown in River During Picnic

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Two Embu university students are reported to have drowned in River Nyamindi while out on a picnic on Saturday last week. The students were allegedly in a company of colleagues when the incident happened at around 4.30 pm in the evening.

The students fell into a section of the River which is currently being used to construct a mini hydroelectric power plant by local tea farmers.

Speaking at the scene after the incident, the dean of students in Embu University, Dr Mark Otieno said that the students had just finished their picnic and were en route back to the institution when the incident happened.He said that one of the students dived into the river to attempt and rescue a colleague who had fallen inside and was drowning and the two were unfortunately swept away by a strong current.

The third student jumped into the river but was rescued after he clung onto a branch of a tree. According to the dean, the two were the first-year students. Despite screaming efforts by the other four remaining students, the distance between the place where the incident occurred and residentials proved a hinder for the fastest arrival of help.

The students were then forced to go back to the institution and report the incident. By yesterday evening, the process of searching for the bodies of the two students had not kicked off due to unavailability of an excavator which is to be used to drain water from where it is believed the bodies of the two have been trapped.



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