End Semester Journey Back Home


Those traveling to Kisii, will tell you traveling is not a hobby but an unavoidable circumstance, unless you are using supersonic waves!

Imagine a Probox, smaller than my suitcase, coming all the way from Kisii to upper mess to carry me, my suitcase and other passengers. Mmmh, ok. No one holds a multipurpose machine gun on my neck to board it but imagine rolling with a fully furnished suitcase at the end of semester in Nakuru Town all the way from the welfare stop point to the stage to book a Matatu yet it is late! Nkt, better the Probox.

And, in case you are not from Kisii, a Probox loads people like it is transporting imprisoned murderers from Shimo La Tewa rehab to Kamiti Maximum Torture centre. It may load people in the whole sub-location but still call for more customers with the excuse that someone will alight just the next point not more than a kilometer away. Don’t be surprised to alight and leave all these people having not reached half of their destination.

The car is full but the conductor still want to do ‘beba beba’ just from the main gate and looks at anyone passing by with eyes that he doesn’t need to update his Whatsapp status for me to understand he want to add more people! And for sure he does…

We are now at Elburgon and due to pressure from passengers under my influence, the driver has not stopped for more customers but the speed of this car is deteriorating steadily! I have a feeling the journey may not be a comedy. The life cycle of this car is ending today, I guess, and it may rest in pieces before we even get to Kericho!

At this same time some lady is just in front of us in, ahem, a brand new Subaru Outback that seems to have spent less than an hour on the road! That is when even suicide cannot erase my feeling. But am CORDED. I know how to accept and move on. on. on to my home….

Kisii here I come…




  1. Haha there goes a fellow kopite. Nice read. Do drop by to check my own pieces here. Ugali story, campus graffiti plus plus. Keep writing friend!

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