Engineering Students are either Staunch Church Goers or Avid Weed Smokers


By William Dekker (Moi University)

They come in twos; Down there, at the School of Technology, the Engineering Students seem to be fascinated by the complexity of Science. Things are tough, it humbles you beyond reproach, leaving you with only two options; Spirituality or Weed! These might be the only havens where they seek solace; Church or Bhang!

Apparently, once you enter the “Technology Road”, your body automatically releases either of these two hormones; kristomine or bangisterone.


This hormone transforms you into a holy being, church-holic and staunch religious fella. These are the chaps you’ll never miss seeing them headed for the morning mass aka morning glory or morning devotion. They are ever at the forefront in leading church services, praise and worship, choir directors, sacristians, alterboys, etc. They are the dominant among the positions of religious leadership, Religious Elders, Association Executive Committee (ex-co) officials etc. They know God only too well.


This is the hormone that inspires the best in you. A good number of the Engineering Students, if not near-all population seem to know too well the importance of smoking weed. I’m told; it inspires your reading culture, and motivates your brain cells into grasping formulas and formulas, forever and ever…

This is the clique that even has reserved VIP slots at F2 and all the drinking Pubs around. They know all havens where KEG is sold, and very well familiar with the latest delivery man; of shisha and shashi. They roll in clusters, and know too well their days, Sunday-to-Sunday; liquor knows no holiday!


Even with their God, Weed and Liquor, they hold high their esteem, believing that solutions to all human problem is in Science, Technology and Innovation; they got solution to all problems; except Exam Retakes and accommodation Crisis. They are carefree; oblivious of proceedings within the university and care less of local political happenings.

Unlike Arts Students

But this is unlike those students of Arts, Social and Human Sciences; who always believe somebody somewhere is behind their woes. They think everybody else has sinned against them. Unlike the technologists, this group believes that the only solution to human problem is to grab power and rule the earth. They are the biggest critics of the government. They are not fascinated by natural science, but by power and the need to control resources.

It is only here that people believe, Cholera is a result of the poor governance; and Ebola outbreak is because the government embezzled the citizens funds… lol! They live in some aura of ‘ideal’ world, where the only means to access 3G internet is not to buy a 3G Modem, but to overthrow the government so that they can oust corruption, and Internet shall come to the people… haha!

Bu, all in all, we love our Engineers. They go to church; come back, smoke bang and innovate.




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