Exams Period, And Everything Else…


It is exam period where I come from. That time of the semester when the library is everyone’s buddy not to mention that ADD is where you are spending your nights. It’s no fun.

The academic talk makes my stomach turn. Around this time too, all HELB funds are depleted and brokenness is constantly trailing you. And for some of us who never got lucky with the guys up Anniversary Towers, accepting and moving on is in order. So we feeding like rabbits or not feeding at all. No, that would kill a comrade, especially one that has to walk close to 2km to Chiromo. Forget that.

Let’s talk about the exams period, when the thought of a blackout scares the hell out of you. Notes, handouts, cat papers, past examinations, anything readable. People switch off their phones and lock themselves in their rooms, not that they are up to anything much, but books. You see them less on social media and then you realize that exams have something on most of us.

I personally hate exams, but not all. Or should I say I hate certain course units or is it the lecturers? I know not, and my guess is most of y’all can relate.

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examsThen we have the bunch of smart asses in class who want to mislead the rest that they haven’t read. Get out of my sight. What? You ashamed of being smart? We are way past high school guys, grow up. Okay, do I sound jealous? A lil bit? Fine, no more ranting. Tell you what, I wish I was equally as smart.

But since I’m not, let me stick on my dunder lane. All I need to do is just work for a D, who needs a re-sit anyway? Can I get an AMEN? Such guys are so going to hell, why give false hope to God’s poor creation?

Speaking of God, this is the time prayers come in handy. And I mean serious praying and fasting. Ok, the fasting bit is probably a lie and if it happens, not that it is planned but a result of the circumstances of one’s pocket. We pray that the Good Guy above may give us the strength to stay up late studying, help us remember the much we have crammed and probably arrange with his angels on how we should get seat away from the lectures watchful eye. Need I mention allow us to use Google during the exam without being caught? Yeah, I just did.

Then we have the lot that freaks out and gets sick just when the exams begin. My heart goes out to you, you are just cowards. Then there are those that ignore you, your texts and calls till after the exam then pretend to be all nice to you, who brought you up? And then those that won’t share their knowledge, honestly, why you scribbling illegible things? And I mean unreadable from two meters away, while we sit in the examination center.

Enough of that, so we of The University Of Nairobi, begin our exams next week on until 23rd. Yeah, 23rd, you can get depressed on my behalf. While other universities are already on holiday, but what can we do other than face the life that JAB offered us. And with that, I beg for my leave as some of you prepare for the holidays, I grab my books and burn the midnight oil. And just a request, kindly pray for me, I need it, we all do. And for you, happy holidays and enjoy the festivities.



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