Exclusive!!: Find Out Who Is Behind The Death Of More Than 150 Moi University Students


Established in 1984 by the Moi University Act of Parliament after recommendations from the Mackay Commission,Moi university is located in the West side of Kenya,it was the second public university to be established in Kenya and notably one of the big names in East Africa Till now.Moi just like other public  and private universities in the world have had their own share of problems ranging from accommodation ,insecurity within and outside campus to students strikes.Some of the problems can be solved and being worked on ,but some seem to be insolvable.In recent history ,Moi university has lost the highest number of students ,well today we bring a new angle to this sad news,we try to figure out just who has been behind this deaths that is threatening to leave the university empty.

Since January 2015,more than 150 Moi university students have passed away,an indication that if something is not urgently done,the nation will be at a loss,breaking it down,the first finger points at the Moi University Administration,We all remember one Charity Maina,may her soul rest in peace.on 28th of February this year,Charity was laid to rest at her parents home in Nyahururu,left home alive,came back a casket,on Sunday 22 of February 2015,the nation woke up to the news of her death.She has been raped and killed by unknown men,it was reported that Charity,then in her third year of study was on her way to her house(a private hostel outside campus premises) when she met her untimely death.Her body was found the following morning in a thicket next to River Shop.The students then went on rampage giving the university a hard stand,to build enough hostels in 24 hours ,the students knew where the problem was ,the students knew who to blame,all fingers pointed at the Administration and the university management.

We all know that the ladies deserve a lot of care,mostly a lady cannot opt to stay outside campus premises when there are enough rooms within.Moi University is has one of the highest intakes yearly,its one of the universities that embraced the double intake.But why would more students be admitted when they have no place to lay there head without watching their back? Is it Greed for Money? Such cases such as Maina’s should have been avoided if the university lowered the number of admissions and built more hostels .Students are never safe inside the university but outside campus premises,its more dangerous more so to the ladies,Its lie rubbing shoulders with death .

The second finger points at the Government,We remember well the more than 147 Garissa university students,April 2nd was the date.They attacked and killed by the Militia.Garissa university college traces its roots to Moi University,it is a constituent college of Moi university,we all agree that the intelligence report received by the Government of an impending  attack was enough to plan and evade the killings.Firs the university of  Nairobi through their chief security officer Wilfred Wahome through a notice to the students,warned of an impending attack on Kenyan soil”The information is already being processed by relevant government agencies with an objective of putting relevant measures in place to foil such attempt”The Notice read

Two days before the attack,a top blogger who doubles up as a security officer posted on social media that intelligence report indicate that the terror group is planning a mass murder in the northern Kenya.A look at USIU there was a notice on an impending attack and they addressed that top the government.The information was already put there,the government slept on the switch,the nation was sent into mourning ,the woulds are still healing.Shockingly enough,few days after the attack,The President declared the nation safe and hit hard at the western countries who issued travel advisories to their citizens.Til now,am not sure wither the President has visited Garissa University college.

The government mus not hold a gun at its citizens physically,such instances of negligence and ignorance too is considered murder,not by the home-bred terror group but from the highest office on land.

The most recent cases of death coming from Moi university has been out of accidents and unknown illness.The occurrences have led to the university being tagged “The University Of Death” ,a name that is not only haunting the students but also the parents who are now not at ease .Above all we still hope that All shall be well,Comrades should turn to God at during these hard moments more than ever before.

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