Expectations Is Ruining Your Relationship

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It has been such a long time since I last had this opportunity to express my legal opinions in writing. Finally, I have chosen to break the silence with a very interesting story. NO, a very very free advice to all of you who will mind to read and apply. I will ask Pst.Kanyari to pray for you so that you mind, without ‘kupanda mbengu’.

You are not a storm and he is not a tornado but you love each other the way wolves do.With the intention of mating for life. You strive and work hard to keep your relationships hot and burning. Congratulations to both of you.But hear this, the true enemy your relationship is going to face is EXPECTATION. Not the other Wanjiku from KU or Omondi from Kasa.

All smiles in love
All smiles in love

Expectation, the sooner you realize that, the higher chances of keeping your love alive. We all know but let me remind those who are forgetful in good faith, that love isn’t something that is measured in quantities and handed to those who can love the way we want. I have always told my friends that it is fortunate enough to be with someone who wants to be with you and by that I mean to love you, stop ruining it by putting so many expectations on them.Expectations are World’s deadliest poison yet to be documented.They teach you to believe in the singular.That there is only one way to love someone, one true way to show them that you care.

That must be the biggest lie I have heard in 2016.The truth is, people are different.Seven billion people in the world, love is seven billion completely unique. It also needs your little time to know how everyone loves in a different way. Some will want to spend the whole day texting you, some changing  your whatsapp profile pic…Some love without even saying ‘I love you’. They will not love you in the way you think you deserve all the time. It will never ever be perfect. Personally I don’t want a perfect love. What I want, what you want, what we all want is real love. And something that is real is so much better than something perfect.

Happy love life people.




  1. This is a great article…expectations kill relationships….and my best piece is that ” something real is better than something perfect”….I choose something real.

  2. I love the article just has the article loves me truly love is something that’s needs our attention to me I always try to perfect my love surely I love! LOVE

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