FASHION AND BEAUTY: Take FIVE On Campus Fashion for Ladies


To all the ladies out there, this is a piece for you. Today we are just going to look at some of the things that we have to correct in our lifestyle for our own sake.

1. Make up
This is for those of us who have chosen that we will spend some quality time after taking a shower in the morning to
beautify ourselves a little. First of all do not under any circumstance do make up because you have seen someone somewhere do it and yet you do not have the skill. The concealers, foundations, eye liners, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow amongst others are not just applied. If you want to do it you could consult a friend who does it well or watch videos on YouTube.

Ladies lets please avoid embarrassing each other. Putting eye pencil then lip gloss on your eyebrows to make them
conspicuous and shiny or on the lining of your eyelashes is a No-No thing.

2. Heels
If you do not know how to walk in heels my dear friend please do not bring shame to the ladies. Spare us the embarrassment. These are not like flat shoes that you just slip into your legs and walk. Just like make up, heels require confidence. Trying to walking in six inch heel out there that you can barely walk in does no one any good whatsoever, in the first place, you looking like a giraffe patched on a tree is not really impressive. Dragging your legs in heels is not pretty my dear friend.

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There are one inch shoes that you could comfortably walk in or alternatively just stick to flat shoes.

3. Panty lines
This is an area I should not be really focusing on my dear girls. Some panties that we buy are really appealing to our eyes but let us know the best clothes to match them with. You cannot be found wearing a tight skirt or dress with your panty line sticking out conspicuously on your beautiful skirt and spoiling the image behind. There are seamless pants out there in the market please buy at least one for the tight clothes. The other ones with prominent panty lines can be worn with jeans or baggy clothes that is totally okay.

4. Rubber shoes, old schools and sport shoes
Girls please for goodness sake there are some shoes that you do not just wear like you would wear flats. Take consideration before you decide to slip into rubbers or the others when you have decided today you will look glamorous. Walking out there and seeing a lady with a knee-length skirt and on her feet there are some sport shoes with socks sticking out, my friends it is a saddening affair. These sporty kind of shoes go with trousers and not just all trousers but with such like pencils or tights or alternatively you could rock a slightly below the knee short with old school and shorts above the knees with some cool rubber shoes.

5. Backpacks
It is really okay and acceptable that we are in campus and we have our laptops which need to be carried in backpacks for convenience. However, I think we all know how these bags are made and they do not in any way whatsoever look like our casual handbags which easily go with anything we decide to rock. Hate me for the truth ladies but am here to preserve your image out there. These bags only go with particular clothes and cannot be carried around when you are wearing your beautiful dress or skirt. T-shirt and jeans are the most preferable wear for you to carry a backpack and look really okay or just a simple top and a trouser of your choice but when with skirts and dresses looking all glam please let us drop these bags and go for our pretty handbags.

Ladies do not give me the “I wear what I want” look. Preserve your image. Take a few tips here and there and you will be good to go.

Catch me @karimigatiri or @MagazineReel always on #FashionMonday. To continue this conversation, comment below with your take.




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