FASHION MONDAY: Ladies Should do Pods Matching with their Skin Colour

Lupita Nyong'o

As a Lady, you cannot afford to do it the wrong way. You need to get it right always and make sure it’s all stunning at the end. Learning platforms are there for all of us. Just as Google is my teacher, am proud to say that am a google student for it taught me just how to do it and I have not looked back since then.

Get the products from the retailers and then Google search how to do it or watch clips on You tube on how to do it so that you don’t come out regretting that you could have done better. Doing it wrong could lead to lots of disappointments leaving no room for a second chance. This is what I found out myself telling to an imaginary crowd today morning standing in front of a mirror so self-absorbed forgetting I had to pen down a piece today being Monday’s fashion day to get you all started up for the week.

Standing in front of that mirror with my thoughts drifting away seeing myself in a conference room full of ladies with me on the podium got me thinking that there is always something someone can teach people.

Happy Madaraka day dear readers and good evening to you all. It’s my hope that you are having a good time in whichever part of the country you are despite some parts being very cold today. Fashion Monday is always here to highlight the things we need to work on and improve our appearance to always give a good impression as ladies and gents. Welcome to the month of June.

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Our skin colours and skin types come in various types especially the colour with a wide variety from white to dark in between there being a whole lot of different shades such as in the pH scale for acidity and alkalinity in chemistry. These skins of ours however different they are they need to be taken care of in the right way as my speech to my imaginary crowd up there indicates. Talking about how to do your makeup can never be a cliché because it takes time to get to know how to do it and to perfect it.

Walking around the streets yesterday I met with a friend who was with her friend. The moment I laid my eyes on this friend of my friend name withheld I almost burst into tears then I just managed to absorb it and still felt like bursting out with laughter but I held it too. Not hating on her we have heard the saying that black is beauty so many times and she was dark in colour but something was going on with her face. Wrong choice of foundation. That’s what it was. Her face was white in a bad way considering her skin colour it was just a mix that was not working it is just that she was confident with herself so that makes it okay for her but that’s not appealing.

Ladies if you are to do pods or foundation and other types of makeup consult from the retailers in the beauty shops because they can tell which product you can use by just looking at your skin colour. Do not just buy stuff because your friends are buying. Mind your appearance and look at yourself in front the mirror before you walk out of your room. Do not make people out there laugh their ribs out by just looking at you.

Have a beautiful day. Till next week, stay beautiful.



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