The Finalist’s Message


It could have happened earlier or never, not now….

To our esteemed lecturers, I don’t want to see Ds and Fs in my transcript, even if I make blank posts on your exam booklets wall. I’m not an Engineering Student to stay here for a whole presidential term. If you had, then you could have done it earlier, not now.

To our esteemed custodians: Me sleeping on a mattress thinner than my bed sheet is what you fancy. Tell me to finance my sleep if you cant. I want to sleep well, play my music and story with my friends even the entire night. I don’t want to see you in my room. If you had to, then you could even have become  my roommate earlier, not now please.

To our misguided Freshers; don’t fill the kitchenette like it’s Churchill Comedy Show live recording. Instead, go to A1 and make a transcript like mine. Let me cook my dish even if it’s githeri plain and eat it while relaxed. Cooking is not a co-curricular activity and if you have to, then you will do it later.

TO OUR SECURITY…you are our protectors not oppressors, we are not criminals and this is not a rehabilitation center, so don’t treat us like those our brothers at Kamiti Maximum Torture Center, just for listening to ‘loud’ music, hosting my friends or drinking the hard stuff. You don’t need a visa to Njokerio to go and get one and enjoy too. Am almost going on a permanent rehab and if you had to punish me you could have done it earlier, for now leave me to God.

To my friendzy… I understand you are my greatest assets. And you all are great people, sometimes I wrong you that I deserved to be hanged but you tolerate me for the sake of our friendship. You don’t have to disappoint me now, you don’t have to disapprove me now, you don’t have to forsake and ignore me now. You don’t have to. If u had, then you could have done it earlier.

To our Egerton ladies, I’m aware abortion is the latest swag in campus. But please don’t kill our dear brothers and sisters simply because you picture yourself to be too cute for pregnancy. You don’t give life and you have no authority to take it. Please don’t!!…… You said yes to unprotected sex and I hope you didn’t expect a galaxy tablet!


By HESBORN |the.campus.streetboy|



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