Find the Nearest Toilet in Your Location through an App


When you need to tinkle on your travels, it’s hard to remain calm. If you can’t get back to the luxurious comfort of your hotel bathroom, but still crave the posh amenities that come with it, you need a sanctuary in which to pee — and you need it fast.

Enter Airpnp, the (relatively) new app that directs you to the nearest restroom no matter where you are.

Not unlike Airbnb, you’ll enter your location on the app and instantly see a plethora of high-quality toilets in your area. Some are free (like those in a local cafe or store, for example), while some are in private homes that charge a fee — this top-notch spot in Manhattan costs $3 a pop (or is that $3 a poop?).

You can also list your own bathroom, offering others a spot to pee with photos, descriptions, hours of operation and pricing.

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We’re not kidding. This is real, the company debuted last year, and their actual tagline is “pee all you can pee with Airpnp.”

Of course, Airpnp isn’t the only app to help travelers relieve themselves on the road. SitOrSquat, from toilet paper brand Charmin, lets users rate and review roadside bathrooms, and the brand-new Flush Toilet Finder lists more than 100,000 loos worldwide.

But as far as we know, none of these allow you to rent someone’s restroom quite like Airpnp. We think it sounds like a whole new way to travel… and we’re so excited we could tinkle.

Ruston, who studies at the University of East Anglia’s School of Computing, said, “I got the idea after making an app for the London underground. A lot of people were asking me to include details of toilet facilities for London, but I decided to go bigger and design something for the whole world.”

Ruston’s toilet finder app has already had more than 100,000 downloads since it went live on 4th February, and he hopes that the app would be particularly useful to tourists and individuals who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Cohn’s Disease.



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