Find Your Lost Items in Seconds Via Magazine Reel


Do you have a problem locating your lost item?. Do you have an item or a document that you’ve found and does not belong to you & you are straining to identify the real owner and hand it over to them?

Many of us have misplaced or totally lost track and whereabouts of among other things our national and students identification cards, study books, clothes, shoes, wallet, spectacles, utensils, sports kits and other important personal effects.

If you are currently experiencing such and would like to either hand over a lost and found item to the real owner and get paid Ksh 50 for the good gesture or find your lost item for only Ksh 100 (payable only after locating your lost item) then you should not worry anymore. Magazine Reel now allows you to submit details and images of any of your lost items i.e identification cards, wallets et cetera. Magazine Reel will help you trace your lost item or the owner of the item via its robust number of student readers (over 250,000 readers) and social media followers on this platform.

Procedure to Help You Submit Details of Your Lost Item.

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This applies to both, a person trying to locate his or her lost item/document and anyone else trying to locate the owner of an item he or she has found.

  1. Reach us by liking our page on Facebook. Then send us a message specifying the details of the item involved. You must ensure that you give us your current location
    (i.e University & Campus), the name and description of the lost item, image of the item(if possible), your contact details (mobile no. & email) and when you realized you had lost the item (approximate date[s]).

To those who would wish to return the items to the owner. You will also mention the features as stated above.

2. Follow our handle on Twitter. Send an SMS with the characters as is ‘F @MagazineReel’ to 8988 for free. Inbox us the details as stated above and we will immediately engage you over the same.

3. Email the details shared above plus the image of the lost item to

4. Contact us Directly by either sending message with the details of the lost item or making a call to the Mobile Number : 0713-579-437.

Know the whereabouts of your lost item by simply contacting Magazine Reel. We are willing to do for you the manual work comrade. We care about you and want you to have a great stress free time while in campus. A chat with Magazine Reel will solve all your lost and found problems! And get you paid Ksh50 or pay for a good gesture with only Ksh 100.



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