Five (5) Most Influential First Year Ladies -JKUAT Main Campus

Teeh Kamatu
Teeh Kamatu, JKUAT First Year Upcoming Model

Fresh from high school with different academic, social skills, different background settings and culture they have set out, adjusted quickly and created a brand in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT). Today we feature this exceptional ladies that have stood out of the crowd of Ladies studying at JUJA (Main) Campus, along Thika Super Highway. And also, what has made them renown within the campus fraternity.

5) Teresa Kamatu

Teeh Kamatu

Nothing more could be said about Teeh Kamatu (as she is popularly known) that has not already been said. Currently undertaking a course in Strategic Management, Teeh is an upcoming model who has previously held numerous titles such as Miss. PCEA Kenya and Miss. Empire Models.

Teeh was also the First Runners Up in the Royal Fashions Beauty Pageant and only recently curtain raised on the Mr. & Miss. JKUAT 2016 Main Stage Event. She is currently under contract with five modelling agencies; namely Fashionistas, Empire Models, Boss Lady, Bicfest Agency and Leo Salon by Samuel Okwiri situated at The Two Rivers Mall.

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She has featured in The Pulse as well as JKUSA Insight and the JKUAT Magazine. Describing herself as a humble person, Teeh says, “Never give up. Your best transformations happen in your most difficult moments.” She believes in humility and the power of a woman. Teasingly, she should consider vying for a JKUSA Elective post. We need such beautiful icons in power, beauty and knowledge are twins.

4) Regina Bosibori

Miss Reggy

Famously known as Reggy. Currently pursuing Bachelor of Commerce. She has risen to fame and created her brand due to her aggressiveness in the just concluded 2017 JKUSA elections. She was elected as a delegate during the JKUSA delegates elections.

She is credited for the massive exodus of female delegates in joining Brenda Mukami’s camp with the introduction of the popular slogan ‘Lady Power Agenda’. This programme was crucial in delivering victory to the Newly Elected JKUSA President, Bwana Richard Asman as it ensured a 90-100% loyalty of lady delegates.

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She is a lady of convictions who is actively involved in a high school ladies empowerment program in Kajiado North constituency that is sponsored by Bidee Youth Organization. She is also an active member of Mwangaza Mashinani Empowerment Programme. She has amassed a huge influence especially among ladies due to her ‘Change is Inevitable’ attitude.

3) Penina Minsari Nyanumba

Penina Aguero

Commonly known as Aguero by peers. Talk of knowledge on close to everything from relationships, dating, sex, campus politics. This lady always has an opinion and knows just when it is needed. I wonder if guys know her real name!

She has risen to become an asset to first years’ students. She is probably the most recognized personality in the whole lot of First Year Ladies. This is mostly because of her immense assistance to first year students to excel in their online common units. She is a great mobilizer and crowd mover. Trust you me, if you want to have an all-round interactive and well attended activity in JKUAT, Aguero is your first and best option.

She has been a crucial figure in JKUAT Politics. She is described by many as quick, witty and ready to rise to the occasion. Going by her current status thus far, she may be the youngest and most elaborate lady influencer in JKUAT today. She recently emerged third in top 10 most influential JKUAT Main Campus students survey that was conducted in December 2016.

2) Clare Wanjiku Wahome

Clare Wahome

Meet Clare, a lady of great emotional intelligence and an engineer in the making. Currently pursuing Telecommunications and Information Engineering. She serves as the class representative of her class. She was elected as a delegate to represent her department in the JKUSA Electoral College in the just concluded JKUSA elections.

She is a great actress and an active member of the JKUAT Igiza Arts Club. She has also served as the Deputy Head Girl in her former school, has been featured on Kipawa Show as an actress and also rose to head the Drama Club in her former school.

To crown it all, she is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her group (Rhedidivus Company) that took position one in Junior Achievement Competitions held at Strathmore University. Much would be talked of her achievements at a young age.

Here at Magazine Reel we would like to encourage all students to emulate her strong command of power. She has raised the bar too high within a short time in the university. Keep it up Madam Deputy President in the making.

1) Joan Mwangi

Joan Mwangi

Currently, she’s in year one third semester, pursuing degree course in Nursing. A soft-spoken lady who has this insatiable desire to work and serve students. She is credited for serving the students that she mingles with each single day selflessly. Despite her young age in school she has been able to tap up to five bursaries from the constituency development funds allocation for Juja Constituency and have them awarded to students.

JKUAT Electoral College to Elect Students Governing Council Today

She has also been actively involved in ensuring that her classmates engage in academic trips to enhance their nursing skills. By being a mere first year student she says that did not bar her from working for the comrades, as she puts it “leadership is built by ethics, selflessness and willingness to work for others and seek their support and not age or academic level”.

She is the ONLY First Year Female Student who is currently serving in the JKUSA Congress, representing School of Nursing. She won with a big margin beating her opponents in the just concluded 2017 JKUSA Elections.

Other notable first years’ female students within the university who deserve a special shout out include; Lellah Nyaboke, Juma Noreen and Brenda Nyanchama Bosibori.


Given that this list is the first of its kind in JKUAT Main Campus, @MagazineReel recognizes that it might not be 100% accurate because of diversity of the students. Nevertheless, the list is unbiased because the views expressed herein are not those of @MagazineReel but those of JKUAT Students.

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