Football Correct Predictions and Draw Tips for Today’s Matches

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Football correct predictions especially on draws in a game can give you huge benefits. But how can you really settle on a game which will end in a draw? Well, apart from giving  our subscribers a slip with two games to end in draws, giving them the power to predict correctly is also our aim.

Fans around the world know the three outcomes of a football match. Those who bet understand it better. Having your money on a draw is somehow risky but with the right pick of the match and being up to date with team news can easily help you make football correct predictions.

To pick correctly, study leagues for seasons. This is captured and can be referred to with ease. The above data on leagues perused and studied by our team shows that it is easier to have draws in certain leagues than others. Such leagues are mostly second divisions in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina and Venezuela.

Football Correct Predictions Rules for Draw Bets

First, choose a championship based on the statistics of draw results.

Secondly, pay attention to low-scoring championships. The less goals are scored in a tournament, the higher the probability of a draw.

You must also check on the Strength of the teams playing. They should be approximately equal in strength. It is also advisable to note that the weaker team must have a home field advantage.

Check on the motivation factor of each team. Only pick on teams without any more tasks to fulfill in the tournament and consequently, are not motivated to win.

As a rule, analyst suggest a draw bet on odds ranging from 3.00 to 3.20. However, there are plenty of games with a draw result yet their odds are higher than 3.40, so one must be careful. Betting sites also know this and can play around with figures just to help you lose your money.

To bet on a draw in football, you can use standard types of betting — single bets, accumulator bets, and system bets combined with a certain financial strategy.

As you consider the above, you still cannot make a 100% accurate prediction, no one can. It is for any of the 22 players to make a mistake leading to a goal at any moment. There is also a possibility of an own goal from either side, so you have to bet responsibly.

Our Subscription Plans for Correct Betting Tips

To get our slip for today with 2 projected draws each with an average of 3 odds, subscribe to any of our paid for plans. Daily plan costs 250 shillings and gives 15 odds, Weekly plan lasts for 7 days and costs 1000 shillings while Monthly plan charges 3500 shillings and provides slips via SMS for 30 days.

To make payments, go to your MPESA on your phone and do as instructed below.

Select Lipa Na MPESA, then click on Buy Goods and Services. Once you click on it, you’ll be prompted to enter Till Number, key in 5266471. Proceed to key in the amount you want to pay, could be 250, 1000 or 3500 depending on the plan. You can then enter Your MPESA Pin and send. The slip will be sent your phone instantly via sms upon payment.

If the above process is tedious, make payments by sending the amounts directly via MPESA to 0792862269 or via Airtel Money to 0781864581.



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