Former Egerton University Student Leader Alex Kibaria now Running a Top Tourism Firm

Alex Kibaria

The name Alex Kibaria Ndereba rings a bell to the ears of several people who were lucky to have been at Egerton University when the now a CEO of a top travelling firm was one of the most loved politicians on Campus. In less than four years, Alex Kibaria has curved a name for himself in an outside world, most graduates consider cruel and non forgiving.

The former student leader established a tourism firm last year 2018 and is now doing extremely well in the very competitive hospitality industry. Christened ‘Kibaria Travel’, the firm co-founded with a friend Geoffrey Cleeren has already made several trips not only within the country but to other countries in Africa such as Rwanda.

Alex KibariaNow with a fleet of cars branded to his name ‘Kibaria’, Ndereba’s journey to the top has not been that smooth. After graduating from Egerton University with a bachelors degree, he worked hard trying his hand in hustles as any diligent hard worker would do but with some politics running in his blood, he fully embarked on his political journey in 2017 general elections and was on the ballot for an elective post in his home area. He managed to amass enough votes to keep him close to the top but lost narrowly to a Jubilee Party candidate in the race for MCA in his home ward. He scored a first as he was one of the youngest contestants who ran as an independent candidate in the election.

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One of his strengths as was also seen in campus was his ability to accept his position in a given point and time, learn from his previous steps, pick up good lessons, build strong relations with people including his political ideology rivals and ensure that his light shines past a single event. Kibaria, managed to move on from the said national elections as fast as he could, came back to the business world, recollected his thoughts of always longing for the day he would tour his own country Kenya and today he continues to assist people experience the 7th wonder of the world; the Wildebeest migration also helping them have a clear view and experiences in the Aberdares Ranges and National Park in central Kenya, Mombasa City at the Kenyan coast, the Great Rift valley which hosts a unique water body; Lake Bogoria and other very popular places in the African continent.

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To Alex Kibaria Ndereba, the sky is the Limit when it comes to ‘Kibaria Travel’.

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