Former SUEU President Edwine Amisi Writes A Book “I HAVE A DREAM”


Twenty out of a hundred people who have penned their memoirs have done so on hitting their old age, With a memoir being a collection of memories an individual writes about themselves, the current generation believe that they must hit the 70’s to Write about their time before Man and God.Something Edwine Amisi,Former Egerton University Students President Does Not subscribe to. Amisi Now Joins the Likes of Ishmael Beah of the famous ” A Long Way Gone” with his new Memoir “I HAVE A DREAM”. The former SUEU President Hacks back in history and gets his life back in the village,his words tell of a clear Future ahead of him.”I have a dream” by Edwine Amisi is a must read. Here is a preface of what the book is all about from his own words.

“The history of my life must begin by the earliest circumstance, which my memory can evoke; it commences when I had attained the age of eight years and four months. The mind of a human being is formed only of comparisons made in order to examine analogies, and therefore cannot precede the existence of memory.The mnemonic organ was observably developed eight years and four months after my birth. It is then that my soul began to be susceptible to receiving impressions. How is it possible for a seemingly fluffy woolly substance, which can neither touch nor be touched receive impressions? It is a mystery, which God alone can explain.

Let us give thanks to the Almighty God by whom we have hope for a life here after because He spared not his Son for our sake. This fills us with beams of hope, and so we look forward to possessing the rich blessings that God keeps for His people. The culmination of these blessings is heaven, where there is no decay, spoil, or fade. They are for us, who by faith are kept safe by God’s power through salvation.We should be glad for this great sacrifice that God has made for us, even though now we suffer, and are persecuted for Christ’s sake.

The purpose is to prove that our faith is genuine. Just as gold is tested by fire even so our faith, which is more precious than gold, be tested so that it may endure. Then we will receive praise and glory and honor on the day when Christ is revealed. For now we can only see him dimly as in through a glass but soon we shall see him face to face.I believe in the existence of an immaterial God, the Author and Master of all beings and things. I have never had any doubt of His existence. I have always relied upon His providence. I have always prayed to Him when in distress, and He being faithful has always granted me my heart desire in accordance to His will. At times His will has not always been my desire, but at long last it has always been the best. In everything, I have learnt to give thanks.

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Despair brings death, but prayer does away with despair. When a man has prayed he feels engulfed by a renewed spirit of confidence and endowed with power to act. In addition, as Paul says in the letter to the Romans, in Christ we are more than Conquerors.

Man is free, but his freedom ceases when he has no faith in it.  More prayers more power and less prayer less power. The greater power he ascribes to faith. The less the faith, the more he deprives himself of that power which God has given him when He endowed him with the gift of reason. Reason is a handiwork of the Creator’s respect to each individual. When we use it with a spirit of humility and justice we are certain to please the Giver of that precious gift.Man is free; yet we must not suppose….”

Edwine Amisi -Author, ” I have a dream”

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