Fred Makajos Likely to Win SOMU Top Seat as Maseno University Decides

Maseno UNIVERSITY Campaigns 2016

By Raburu Willingtone

Loosely a week ago after the  formation of “Zagazaga”(a political movement in Maseno University),campaigns have taken a serious move in Maseno University.The core battle is here with three presidential aspirants namely;Fred Obilo Makajos,Gideon Wafula and Mike Odoyo.

The other seats like Secretary General and Vice President have got no serious competition since the opponent are totally feeble and their existence is really reeling.

Hitherto,Fred Makajos(who is also the secretary general KUSO and Kicosu) is alleged to be the most powerful presidential aspirant,this is solely after the formation of Zagazaga movement,a movement which has caused intense distraught to the opponents.His rallies have been very massive accompanied by red carpet reception.

Fred Makajos is presumed to be having ardent goons than the normal supporters, methinks this is totally invalid.Besides the Zagazaga movement empowering Fred Makajos,he received a massive endorsement from RASAMU(A LUO political union in Maseno University,there’s MUSWEPA for the Luhya en setra).

Most of the ladies love Fred Makajos because he can easily tete-a-tete with them and this fervent engagement also accrued after the luncheon of “Warembo na Makajos” by the Zagazaga delegates.

Gideon Wafula on the other hand,to be exact;really bank on the luhya votes.His latest moves have been very ineffective.He must have been agitated by the Zagazaga stuff.

Mike Odoyo is alleged to be highly affluent amongst the other aspirants something that has seen him germane in his bid for presidency.

Sadly on 28/09/16 at around 10:25pm,I was able to espy some crude stuff.Fred Makajos was coming from IDP hostels.Just before he could pass Cocacola tent where comrades were watching football,he was called upon by overzealous supporters to say night before he could proceed with his journey.The comrade’s mole had no option but to conform to the demands of the a people.

Fred MakajosThe congregation was joyous to hear their president address them albeit it did not end well since someone who has not been identified up to now threw a big stone at Makajos(a stone which was to hit him right at the left eye had it not been for the bouncer total vigilance,the bouncer who grabbed Makajos when he saw the stone coming from the dark)something that left the scene in a stampede.The investigations are on to corner the suspects.

Yesterday,I happen to visit some ladies in New Mark hostels(a 5 minutes drive from main gate)and they told me that they can’t wait to go and vote their sweethearts.It is a modus operandi in Maseno University that continuing students don’t at largely go to vote but this time round even the continuing students are promising to vote for the sake of Zagazaga movement and Fred Makajos something that left my tongue wagging. Comrades will have the results roughly 10 hours from now.Celebrations are forthcoming if not awaiting.



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