Freedom is All A Man Needs To Stay Yours Forever


They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. But what they never told you is how to keep his heart and love for life once you get them.
Ok, enough with the proverbs. Here is what they left out:
“The way to keep a man is by giving him freedom”.
Yah! That’s it. All the other tips you’ve been taught only work when the freedom layer has been set.

No matter how much of a chef you are both in the kitchen and in bed, if your man gets no freedom, he will eventually drift way. Drift away to a random lady who makes him feel free even if it’s just temporary. But no need to worry. It’s very possible for you to master the art of freedom giving. ┬áDon’t mind the name, I just made it up. Anyway, by following these simple ways, you will master “The Art Of Freedom Giving.

1. Freedom From Nagging.

Trust me, no man likes a nagging girlfriend/wife. By Definition, nagging is constantly reminding and pressuring someone for them to carry out a certain task. Even the Holy Bible discourages men against such ladies.

2. Let Him Be.

At times, all a man needs is some quality time for himself, with himself and by himself. It doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in you; it’s just for him to reset his system. He will definitely appreciate if you give him the peace he needs and do less of your endless questioning. This is definitely not the time to start nagging him about the necklace he was to buy you.

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3. Freedom To Express Himself.

Men rarely say much about how their day went at work or during lectures, but when they do, please try to listen. He’s probably listened to more than a million stories of how you dropped your handkerchief then picked it up. Let him express himself without cutting him short with another story of yours that you’ve just remembered.

4. Freedom From Pre-Judgement.

There’s nothing painful like you jumping into conclusions even before he finishes explaining. In fact, many breakups based on misunderstandings, are as a result of the man letting things be since the lady gave him no chance to finish the explaining without interruption. He is capable of letting you continue believing what you want to believe if you are always interrupting his explanations with rhetorical questions.

5. Freedom from Emotional Blackmails.

Most ladies find this an efficient way of getting what they want. As much as it works like magic, it comes with a price. A price of literally widening the drift between the two of you. So, quit using phrases such as:

  • “if you really love me then…”
  • “Sorry for disturbing you with my texts when you’re too busy to reply…”
  • “Sorry for being such a burden to you…”
  • “I thought you were different…”
  • “Don’t you trust me?”
  • “Be a gentleman and…”

Naturally, a man has that weakness which makes him easily lured into sexual activities by ladies. However, that has nothing to do with his heart. If you give him the freedom he needs, he will always return home to you regardless of how “sweet” others ladies out their are. A marriage is bound to fail if you try to cage your husband/lover.



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