Friday briefing: “Amisi is Lazy and Coward,He Has Not Earned My Respect” Maweu Hits Hard


You have been probably wondering where he went to and what he has been doing after the SUEU Elections,he was a darling to many who voted him,despite that he did not emerge the winner,he has his thoughts on what went on through the election,the current situation of the union and the future going on.He speaks with me for the first time ,his first interview after the elections.Issac Maweu opens up.Read in.

Koyo:Where have you been since elections and what have you been doing?

Maweu:Well, i thank God for He has been faithful secondly thanks for bringing me up to the Friday briefing… Its been long….. To start with

Immediately after elections I went for an holiday to Malindi for a fortnight before coming back to books…That is a reason why loyal comrades and supporters were questioning where I was…I was on a sabbatical leave from politics…What am doing now apart from studies .
Koyo:Have you accepted the Results?

Maweu:No…..I did not accept and will never accept the results…..The elections were free but not fair…Someone once said nothing is free,not even freedom…I am not prophet but fire is coming..Next time I will not wait for the results to file the petition,I will file the petition before the elections because Prof Owido reacted maliciously from hearing my petition..I know that stirs the question on whether am still on the race but that is a question for another day..

Koyo:Rank the current SUEU Executive out of ten?

Maweu:3…We’ve got a coward,lazy and not ready to think chairperson. He takes misled advice from failures the so called #teambigballs with no brains! … No apology…today marks 105 days since they were sworn into office…We still do not have a permanent reliable SUEU office…SUEU still operates from the small kitchen that was refurbished sometimes in mid 2011…There is no planning and without planning there is failure…information does not flow to the comrades smoothly…They say they separated accommodation from fee account,which is true but I can say they were not behind it and that they should stop riding on other people’s glory…. If they were why were comrades surcharged Ksh500itheir accommodation?If they had an upper-hand in separation of the two accounts then they would have saved comrades from that 500menace….
Koyo:Do you think the Amisi led team is championing the course for which they were elected.

Maweu:No…t is just a few directors who are trying to deliver…. Most of them promised heaven while themselves are yet not on earth…particularly I was embarrassed by how they conducted themselves during the luncheon provided by our new Vice chancellor…I spotted a director ferrying a whole dozen of soda to his room while some comrades were hungry and scrambling for food..It therefore seems some went into office to help themselves,fill their and pockets and buy black trousers,white shirts and red ties to make themselves presentable…They were elected to champion and advocate for comrades’ rights unfortunately,they are championing for their own “RIGHTS”…I have not mentioned anyone but if someone has been hurt then definitely he or she is the culprit..
Koyo:Whats your view on the Union going for a year without director Entertainment,sports and transport?

Maweu:Sports ,Transport and Entertainment is a big docket…without a director then everything is in a mess…The Vice Chair was given this docket how he was given the docket still remains a parable but guess because he is  an affiliate to the lazy chair.but unfortunately no fruits have been seen…Comrades have not had even a single show,it is only Triple E Theater that staged a massive show at Kilimo Hall to
entertain comrades,some comrades went to an extend of saying Triple E is better than SUEU…Guess its high time the union tackles the issue or else cost them a fortune….
Koyo:Do you think some positions in SUEU Should be scrapped away and why?

Maweu:We are operating on a new constitution..Let us work with it and see whether it will be of help to comrades,however the current Secretary general should work on the roles of the gender director Mr. Peter Ndue to avoid any future misunderstandings.
Koyo:Rumour has it that you have an agenda to bring down Edwin Amisi before he finishes his tenure.What do you say about that?

Maweu:Respect is earned and not forcefully asked for…. Amisi has since not earned my respect that sends the reason as to why we will never get along. About bringing him down that’s not my intention at all though if he forces me to i wont hesitate to bring him down. The young man has got no vision for comrades…
Koyo:What is your relationship with the dean of students

Maweu:I’m a student just like any other student and the dean remains ti be the dean nothing more nothing less…. Her office should be respected.
Koyo:What is next for Issac Maweu
Maweu:Any political ambitions after school?Well… A politician is politician I’ve got a lot set before me and as they say the secret to my success remains a secret….. Id probably make it public whether or not am to venture into politics but for now ill be concentrating on  supporting my mum’s bid for women rep Kilifi county 2017…. That’s all i can say.

Koyo: Thank you for speaking with me on Friday briefing,we will still get in touch to follow up some of this issues .

Maweu:Thanks alot for having me Mr Koyo,pleasure is mine.

Well,that was my conversation with Maweu,huge remains unshaken ,he has raised a lot of issues among them is that the current SUEU chairperson is Lazy.What do you think,send us your reaction on twitter @KoyoOdongo or @MagazineReel .Share your thoughts on the comment box too.Till next week,have a blessed weekend and don’t miss out on my show on Egerton Radio 101.7fm ,Sunday 1-4 .





  1. Maweu is simply speaking out of feelings because comrades refused to trust him with the Egerton Chairmanship… am sure he would have performed worst if he were successful in the elections …don’t be petty, focus on your studies, graduate then go outside and try yourself out with fellow men in the 2017 national politics

  2. I expected that from Maweu…in the world not all are winners…and i wonder samtymz how you brought up…An upright man cannot say all the shit you trying defeacate from your mouth…Your even older to be doing undergraduate sure your even older than Edwin Amisi…finish your studies and leave…

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