FRIDAY BRIEFING: Contestants and Models Speak Ahead of Egerton University’s Mr/Miss Agriculture Event

Munene ,the nations sexiest man and egerton university alumni

Tonight at Kilimo hall, Egerton University another beauty pageant is being staged. This is happening barely a week after the Mr/Miss Egerton pageant that drawn a lot of controversies. When the sun goes down today Egertonian’s will be heading to the same venue to witness the crowning of Mr/Miss Agriculture. The event that will kick off at 8.00pm in the night so far looks more promising.

On Friday briefing today, we look at what will be happening during the event, who will be the guests, what is the feeling among the contestants as the clock ticks.

20141113012-001The event has attracted a total of 18 models, 12 ladies and 6 gentlemen drawn from all faculties and not necessarily the Mother Faculty of Agriculture. The beauty queens and kings will be battling it out in five categories.

The Culture Wear.

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The contestants are expected to dress according to the various cultures in the globe. Talk of African Clothing which involves Vibrant colors. Here you will learn about and witness the Egypt Jellabiya and how it is worn.

The ‘Dashiki’ which is a very colorful men’s garment that covers the upper half of the body and the traditional female attire called a ‘Kaftan’, which is a loose-fitting pullover garment, usually with an embroidered V-shaped collar. The Boubou, Tuareg, and Mitumba are some other common traditional costumes found in the African countries which you should expect the contestants to wear tonight.

Expect all the smart Kenyan traditional clothes to grace your eyes tonight. Some will go to as far as wearing 147 is not just a number and a Kenyan flag as their designs. Don’t be surprised.

This event will have contestants showcase some of the best American clothing which is diverse and predominantly informal. One of the most popular pieces of clothing that originated in America was the ‘Blue jeans’, which were touted as ‘work clothes’ in the 1850s by an immigrant merchant called Levi Strauss. I am sure audience tonight is going to love this.

Though not very common, fans should expect Colombian, Chinese, Jamaican, Italian and Mexican culture wear tonight. The contestants most recently went above board to showcase the best they have got in their clothing lines.

The Farmers Wear

The contestants are expected to dress like farmers, this perhaps will be the most central category to the judges since it’s the bedrock category of the event. If you have ever watched Shamba Shape up on Citizen Tv then this category will be a repeat of the designs you have noticed the presenters showcase. Egerton’s finest will try it out with milk bucket, a cap made from long grass, gumboots, white coats etc.

The Beach Wear

This category is not new to Egertonian’s, it’s a category that left lips wagging last week and drew a lot of contemporary stories. Here, the contestants will dress like tourists on the beach. It’s this category that allows the ladies to dress in bikinis and make the men salivate for God knows what. Think florals, lace and dip dye before you head to Kilimo tonight.

Talent Wear

In this category, the contestants are expected to come up with their own creation and dress it out. This will help the audience in identifying the next ‘Fundi Frank’ or the Maasai Musician known as ‘Ndaiwo’. The two are talented in music but also are very creative in terms of what they wear and their general unique outfit.

The Evening Wear

In this category, the models will be expected to be in their evening clothes. I guess this will include the dinner wears and many more. May be you should expect a model in a night dress or the opposite for male models. It will be worth your time.

The models have been promised external judges. However they are requesting that alcohol should not be sold in the building like it has been proposed. They are not happy with the Facebook voting as it will only produce the famous person and not the best.

The theme of the event is “empowering the youths for agricultural sustainability”.

Among the celebrities who will be gracing the occasion include Julius Owino “Juliani” who is also the brand ambassador for agriculture in Kenya. The celebrated hip hop star who recently held a historic concert dubbed “Juliani Na 3” will be backed by a live band. He is expected to perform some of his top hits including Utawala,Utamu wa maisha ,4 by 6,ayfa yetu jukumu letu to mention only but a few. He will also be telling his fans Whether it is true he is working on a collabo with Rabbit,Kaka sungura.

Juliani on stage during a past event,

Also coming along is the award winning bodybuilder Wilson Munene who has been branded the nation’s sexiest man by ladies. Munene who has also featured in many TV adverts is also an alumni of Egerton university and will be expected to talk about agriculture and youth. He will also lift some heavy stuff on stage.

Munene ,the nations sexiest man and egerton university alumni

Attending the event will also be the charming, entertaining Churchill show comedian YY. YY who is known for his ‘Washap’ intros at the Churchill show is expected to add humor and more fun and laughter to the stone faced Egerton audience who are now just a week away from the main exam. He will be holding it down as the Mc and he is expected to make the event more lively and outdo his fellow comedian David the student who was at the same venue last week.

Y.Y on stage during episode of the Churchill show.

On the deck will be Dj Shakip.The hood dancers’ Egerton’s finest dance crew are also in. The award winning dance crew lead by Mose will be doing their thing and are expected to send a message out to the whole Egerton students and the guests telling them just why they are a big deal this side of the rift. The artist that will perhaps curtain raise is the little known Bella Beila.

Regular tickets are going for a hundred shillings and ksh.400 for the V.I.P where drinks will be offered. The event is sponsored by the Faculty of Agriculture, Shamba Shape up and Nakuru’s finest radio station-Egerton radio.
The award winning Kenya’s Best Campus News Hub, Magazine Reel will also be in the building to bring you up to speed with the updates.

egertonWe are on twitter @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo.Catch up with us for real time updates all night long. Lets make #EgertonMrMissAgriculture the trending hash-tag today.



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