Friday Briefing: Find Out Why SUEU Chair Calls On All University Students To Boycott Next General Elections

Egerton's Amisi Otieno

Enough on Babu Owino’s Arrest,lets take back the attention and the talk where it should be,universities across the nation are on holiday break save for the Engineering students and their medicine counterparts.Some of them were forced to head on a early holiday,some of them are struggling to come to terms with the fact that the courses they were called to pursue at the university have not been registered,take the case of Laikipia University whose students have been home more than twice over the same.

Egerton University is not spared either,in a special communication to Friday Briefing,Students Union of Egerton university President Edwin Amisi throws in weight to the accreditation issue among other things that are running through the veins of comrades.

Mr Amisi has called on all  comrades and micro comrades  from all public varsities (universities) regardless of their political affiliations to boycott next general election if at all the national government will not solve the issue of accreditation of courses,this may be the only way left round the accreditation issue because university student form the bulk of the voters and are key in deciding the direction of the upcoming politics all of them then stand up in one voice and say “No” to elections less the issue is resolved then the stories we will be telling tomorrow will be totally different .

“If at all the government can not recognize what they offer at the public universities in the name of engineering then why should they go a head to admit students,
i urge my fellow leaders, comrades and parents to stand firm and stop admission of innocent form four leavers (youths) in to this mess”

Amisi has also spoken about HELB increment and the politics that has been witnessed round it,the Suba born and bred SUEU president has called upon the government to act quick and increase the Loan rates to all the students ,many of them who largely depend on the Cash for their well being and accommodation.Its only the HELB cash that links together the beneficiaries.
Politics between professional bodies in the like the Engineering boards of Kenya and the commission foe university education is also key is making a students life smooth,something Amisi is not soft on either.He has called upon the education CS to crack the hip and put things straight .

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