FRIDAY BRIEFING: Is DJ Nakumatt Set to Grace Mr and Miss Egerton?

DJ Nakumatt
DJ Nakumatt Performing at Churchill Live Show.

Hey there, you are just in time for Friday briefing here on Magazine Reel, the Best Kenyan Campus News Site. I hope you had a swampy busy week. I just landed at Laikipia University on the retrosexuals tour. Alongside me is the hottest Female MC Natalie Stayse, The military man Evans Kirui and my boss, Denshispeaks. Laikipians are very calm people. They are all over under trees in groups, some are heading to lecture rooms while some are leaving. The main event is yet to kick off. All is set for the Gala Night and any moment from now am gonna push my computer aside and meet the Magazinereel fans and the Retrosexuals. From Laikipia, we through back our briefing to Egerton university, njoro. Take a look.

DJ Nakumatt
DJ Nakumatt Performing at Churchill Live Show.
The 2014/2015 Sports and Entertainment docket is one that has been on the lips of every comrade since the one man at the center of all these is the Daniel Obwocha infamously or famously known as Dj Obidan. Just like his predecessors, Obwocha has focused more on entertainment leaving sports aside Perhaps the only notable improvement is the in yet to be installed DSTV in Tatton, the bottom line is that Sports is not all about watching football on screens but even at that, take a walk at the Students Center on a day Arsenal is playing Manchester and look at how dangerously comrades are rubbing shoulders with death as they hang on the window to watch every move.

Entertainment has been about DJs since Obwocha took office from his predecessor Freeboy Chemisto. First on to grace Entertainment gigs at Egerton university was one George Waweru “DJ Kalonje” as he is commonly known in the Kenyan entertainment scene, the award winning DJ was at Club Kilimo where he electrified the crowd with his sharp mixes till late. On a deeper look into his tour of Egerton is the payment issue, last week on of the Congresspersons’ alleged that ksh.120,000 was allocatedfor his payment yet in the real sense he was only given Ksh.80,000, only God knows where the ksh.40,000 went to. That was the first time a DJ was hosted by a DJ at Egerton University. Daniel Obwocha “Dj Obidan” hosted George Waweru “Dj Kalonje”.

Then the Culture Week came. Despite the students expressing their disappointment at the manner in which entertainment is handled, another DJ had been lined up. Majority of the students expected an artist to grace the culture week event. Sources close to the culture week committee reveal that there was an offer to have the System Unit Crew grace the event at a cost of Ksh.80,000. System Unit comprises Kenyans best Gospel DJ Mo alongside top urban gospel artists in Kenya including Size 8, Bahati, Mr.Seed, Bety Bayo, Willy Paul, Benachi to mention only but a few. Students would have wished the crew to be considered, however Obidan held hard on George Njuguna “DJ Crème de l Crème, after a lot of divergent opinion, Crème was on the deck doing his thing for the second time at Egerton university.

With the Mr and Miss Egerton event coming up in the next few weeks. One question remains on the lips of many students. Who will be the best DJ to be hosted by Obidan? Wether it is DJ Nakumatt who has proved to the nation that he can mix with his mouth or DJ Mo whom Obidan met at Egerton radio studio’s a day before the final day of the culture week ,only time will tell. Hip hop artist Rabbbit, kaka sungura has been all over Kenyan campuses gracing Mr and Miss Campus events am very sure Kennedy Ombima or any other artist is not so much expensive for Egerton University, a world class varsity which can dish out Ksh.120,000 for a DJ in a night.

On that note we come to the end of Friday briefing today, till next week. Today just like we said we are streaming live from Laikipia university business center. Follow up the conversation on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @Magazinereel.Do stay safe.




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