FRIDAY BRIEFING: Is Egerton Really a Corruption Free Zone? Koyo Caleb Reports


Egerton university is the premier Agricultural university in East and Central Africa.It has students drawn from all cultural extractions.Students  quenching their thirst for education at Egerton university come all the way from India,China,Morrocco,Mali,Sudan,Uganda,Kiambu,Alego Usonga,Emuhaya,Mount Elgon,Ogembo,Kajiado only to mention but a few.

Students  from Egerton university have excelled in various fields ensuring that the fight to stabilize the shilling against the dollar remains worthwhile and achievable.Some of the Alumni include KTN’s managig editor Joe Ageyo who graduated from the faculty of Agriculture,Wilson Munene,the nation’s sexiest man according to the ladies is also an alumni.

However,there is the other side of the university the nation and the students shy away from.On Friday briefing today, we are joined by Our senior reporter Caleb Odongo Koyo with the question that many students consider unpatriotic to the university “Is Egerton University Corruption free?”

The path leading to the Fass library
The path leading to the Fass library
Well,this is a question that is well answered at the universities  main gate with a sign post warning against any form of corruption in the university premises.That even if you sniff and breath corruption,the moment you meet the hawk eyed security guards at the gate you drop your corruption coat and become clean,ready to walk on a corruption free soil.But is it just a normal post infront of a world class university?.Well,lets roll the Friday briefing wheels.
Accomodation dapartment(Room Booking)
To answer some of these questions we got in touch with the 11A group who are coming back on session after their long holiday. The room booking process is one that has left many students out to dry. Majority of which even despite booking the rooms online like its stipulated ,have not set a foot inside them.Reasons? The workers at the halls department reserves  a number of rooms to some specific students.The room booking process is a matter of Who knows who .A matter of “I know somebody who knows somebody” leading to majority of the students residing outside campus as far as Midways hostels.
One of the hostels at Egerton  university
One of the hostels at Egerton university
Still on the room booking menace,some of the rooms in Egerton university shockingly are not found in the student’s portal.Take for example  a student is interested in Runda hostel room 500,she will keep vigil on the portal overnight looking for that particluar room to no avail.The accomodation department having went to bed with some student’s with heavy pockets in return of the flashy spacious rooms can only ensure the rooms are safe by removing the entries from the students portal.Results? A good number of students find themselves in Njokerio or ‘Kwa right”
A story is told of one influential student who is a son to a late Member Of  Parliament .The student now in his fourth year of study at the university was alocated a speacial extra one room in Maringo,where he would house his political advisors.Having failed to secure the top seat in the elections,his contract with the accomodation department ended and he now resides around Jacarand running a Cafeteria.
The finance department.
Shifting the gears from the halls department to the finance department.Finance department is right at the heart of any student in any university.At Egerton university ,the corruption at The finance department is mainly  seen few weeks to the exams.This is when the students who have problems with their fee reflecting in the portals are advised at the faculty level to clear with the finance department.Under nomal conditions ,every body is expected to line and be served from the front.But just how many go straight through the backdoor then in the evening you meet them with the finance officer at Naff having lunch together?.If you have ever been in a que for six hours then you know what am talking about.
Security department.
The security department is not spared either.We all know of the security situation in the nation and the current fear of terror attack anywhere, anytime.Its only at Egerton university main gate where you see the vehicle infront passing through the gate smoothly without being stopped then the following one is flagged and instructed to” Weka gari kando “.With the war against homegrown terror proving hard to win,the security department should avoid the small tea their workers take at the gate unless they are out on a mission .
The faculties.
Lastly lets have a look at the faculties,the exams are currently underway.75% of the staff at the Faculty of Education are from one tribal extraction.It will be hard to convince a vigilant Kenyan that majority of them are not from one village and that some of them are parents at the university.Whats the bottom line? Have you ever wondered why you are having sleepless nights because of a balance of Ksh.500 yet your coursemate owns the university Ksh.19000 and he is the first to get an exam card? This is the reason,his parent who probably works in the same faculty met the top guys  and had things sorted.Probably some tea or Chicken .
Faculty of education building
Well,that is the current situation at the Egerton university as at now.The story many are not willing to tell fearing being called names and branded unpatriotic to the university.That is the truth.The untold  negative side of the nations only world class university.Credit to all those who make Friday briefing happen evey week.
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  1. room .za ndani ya shule zina wenyewe ,as a /11since yr 3 nimeishi nje n i prefer it than the hostels .za shule

  2. corruption in ega .ni mafuta which u must apply to those guys in those small small offices when in need of help

  3. this is why koyo is the best,he will always tell it straight..hii story na rooms imetutenda sana kama comrades.

  4. From moi,i love friday briefing za koyo,I have been reading his articles and tweets and i must admit,he is great,ufisadi iko campuses zote,comrades tunateseka

  5. i have a problem with a part of the post ‘ Wilson Munene,the
    nation’s sexiest man according to the ladies’!! To hell with that lie,he ain’t!!

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