Friday Briefing: Karibu Kenya Obama, Here is a Cold Tusker And the Wi-Fi Password

President Barack Obama arrives on the flightline April 7 for an unannounced visit to Iraq. Shortly after arriving, the president addressed a crowd of nearly 1,500, service members, government civilians and contractors, at Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Iraq. During his speech, the president commended service members for their focus and dedication and promised them his support while in office.

You are just in time for the most comprehensive briefing here on Magazine Reel,Kenyans best campus news hub. Its been a busy week for Kenya and more so to the Nairobi County Governor Evans Kidero. For the better part of the week, the former Mumias Chief Executive Offices was trying to beat the deadline in achieving Nairobi county face-lift ahead of Obama’s visit.

This is something that Kenyans on Twitter took closer their heart with and hashtag #KideroGrass trending for hours.With Obama arriving in Kenya at exactly 8PM in the night today. We want to bring a new angle to Friday briefing,talking it to the streets ,its a Friday ,the Friday feeling is catered for.Today we tell you just why Obama would  need a Cold bottle of Tusker and a Wi-fi password of every building he is gonna visit for the three days. Friday briefing starts now.

Having declared that he will not be visiting his ancestral home in Kogello,Obama’s visit will mainly be based in the capital. There are things than most Nairobian’s cannot do without and that is what  we meant by taking the briefing to the streets today,for the three days. Obama will be expected to be a Nairobian ,on arrival at the airport tonight will be received by the president and his entourage before being taken to the place he will spend a night .

First thing Obama needs the moment he steps into Kenya is the Wi-Fi password to every building he will be visiting. This will help him access the Internet ,mostly twitter and keep track of Kenyans On Twitter. If you don’t know what Kenyans on twitter are capable of doing then you are not  a Kenyan. Am sure they are waiting for a simple thing to go wrong or fault in during Obama welcome home so that they can hit it online.The password will help Obama keep track of what is trending ,what has just started trending  and probably  what seem likely to trend .With the Likes Of Cyprian Nyakundi on twitter ,the Wi-Fi password is necessary lest the US president doesn’t want to leave the nation a frustrated person.

The second thing that is a must in Kenya  to @POTUS as he is refered to on twitter is a cold bottle of Tusker. Tusker is one of those drinks that reminds you that you are a Kenyan. However the problems you are facing or like in this case,however long you have been out of the nation. A crate for the three days is not a bad idea owing to the fact the he is not coming through with his family.Being a Nairobian for three days also means Obama will have to cope up with the time difference and this the reason why he needs the cold Tusker to remind him that he is at home. Home of brilliant brains ,trendsetters,historians,record breakers in the various fields,home of champions .

At the end of the three day tour,we shall have hosted top business persons in the world. The most powerful president on land and we shall sent a message to our cynics that we are the nation to watch,the nation to visit,the nation to invest in,if it must work,it must start in Africa,it must start in Kenya.

On that note wrap up Friday briefing today,thanks a bunch for your readership. We welcome Hussein Home one more time. Its been humor,[patriotism and sense pout across today,till next Friday. Do not forget to hit us up on Twitter @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo.



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