Friday Briefing: New Egerton Vice Chancellor Rose Mwonya Goes Down History Books


Mene Mene Tekel, the writings are on the wall, its happening now, for the Mathuselah’s, you better brace up because a new dawn has finally hit Egerton University, Njoro Campus. The arch of history has been bent and the results like its starting to show, that better day Egerton University students once dreamnt of is here. Today on Friday briefing.We tell just exactly why Professor Rose Mwonya, the new Vice Chancellor Egerton is on the path of leading the Njoro based university down the annals of history as one of the most celebrated,most refereed to university in the nation. This is Friday Briefing with me Caleb Odongo Koyo, read in.

Its evident that the missing link between the dream that seem far fetched and the students who were thirsty for the dream was a womans touch, surely what a man can do, a woman can do even better. Need I say More! You can agree with me that the atmosphere within campus lately has been a different one taking into consideration the examinations going on. The university way towards the main gate has been lit and the place is heavenly shining, with the constructions that are currently underway at the main campus, Egerton university is the place to refer to hence the name tag World class university.

For the first time in recent history Examinations are being done in December, this is a warm welcome for “Mama” a sign that her tenure as the second in command at the premier agriculture university in the world will be a smooth one. Over the years this time would have found students at home and the university brought down to ashes. The exact reason for the mess till now has never been realized but students insists that the administration has been key and instrumental, frustrating students over exam cards, lack of enough coils in the cooking places, shortage of water and electricity in the hostels. The administration can term all these as rumors but like they say “If you silver the words of a lair, you will get some truth in them.” Its true comrades faced the same problems this time again and they will probably face them in future, that they didn’t team up in group in chants of ¬†“Haki Yetu ” is a sign of new tides at Egerton.

With the 2013 English literature students already done with their exams, its history on the offing, for the remaining students, its that time you all come together under the umbrella of peace and be part of history. This is a new leadership, if given quality and peaceful time in office. The able Vice chancellor will do more for it is good to be blessed but it’s better to be a blessing

On that note we wrap up Friday Briefing today  the 10th day of December 2015, be sure to join us here every Friday for comprehensive stories, all that depends on the wander of this world. Have a peaceful weekend, lets keep talking on the comment box and on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel




  1. Hail Hail Prof. Mwonya, you’re the kind of leaders we’ve been wanting at Egerton Njoro campus. its very encouraging that you’re taking your position as the VC with so much vigour and desire to serve. May you work towards our archiving our mission and vision of the university, that is, being a world class university.

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