Friday Briefing: Revelations On How Campus Students Have Digitalized Prostitution


According to biblical teachings,prostitution begun in the ancient Israel. Despite it being forbidden by the Jewish laws,it is recorded that a portion of the temple prostitutes were males. Well that was long ago,we are in the 21st century,times have changed.We still have the blight in our society. The practice has however become more versatile,more involving.But how deep has it got into Kenyan campuses and should  prostitution be legalized by the government of the day? Today the 18th day of December, welcome to Friday briefing.

This is the oldest trade in the world,often its described by men lining along the dimly lit streets of Nairobi,Nakuru,Kisumu ,Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya waiting for the best ladies in the trade. Its been about females in the business fighting for the best client but then with the coming of the white-man education,the construction of schools and universities,the trade has gone deep into the Kenyan campuses and a large number of men opt for “Call girls” in college.The trade has moved from the streets to the universities and this is something that points at the future of Kenya as a nation owing to the fact that prostitution has not been legalized.

Technology is one thing that has been instrumental in spreading the menace in the Kenyan campuses. Majority of Students caught in these chains can now close up deals,meet new clients and chat up at the comfort of their beds,right in their rooms thanks to the laptops,tablet and internet bundles that can now be afforded by every comrade.Many university girls have been accused of trading sex for good grades,their male counterparts on the other hand have not only been accused of giving in to female lectures demand for sex in exchange for good grades but also the desire to live the high end life.The meet up with the lectures cannot be physically arranged,the deals are closed on twitter ,Facebook and Skype.Then lastly the final actors(students) leave campus to visit “Auntie,Uncle” and that page is closed.

The digitization of the trade has enabled the participants to evade the police in the streets. This has also been facilitated by the many Facebook pages and websites that claim to offer the same services found in the streets.This has also ensured the escape from the numerous crackdowns by the criminal investigation offices who run the streets at night and conduct operations in the hotels and buildings that are known to be hosting the trade. With the digital age,the police have been beaten to their game.The business is conducted anywhere at anytime and the meetings are done in the least expected places.

But what exactly is your take on this. How should the administrations of the various Kenyan campuses handle this issue that seem to be tearing the morality of the youths apart? At the national level,should prostitution be legalized? These are just people out to make a living. Most of them are into the trade by circumstances and the situation back home.The prostitution landscape has changed and this is something that has slowed down the governments efforts to curb the blight.This is not the governments battle like many assume it to be. This is a collective war we must all come together to overcome.The sex workers have not once come out to protest for their right,the right to conduct business just like any other traders in the nation,yes they need to do business. They should be respected because they too pay taxes and are part of the governments plan for the achievement of vision 2030.

That marks the end of Friday briefing today.Engage us on the comment box ,the questions are, How far has prostitution gone in your campus? Should the government legalize prostitution?

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