FRIDAY BRIEFING: Sad State of Student Leadership in SEKU Revealed


A lot has been said about our world class university, Egerton. It however doesn’t mean there is nothing left to talk about it. As the word suggest, world class, Egerton have a million more issues to talk about as new ones will continue to evolve, leaving our finger yearning to type, as we are more digital, and inform you about the news.

Today on Friday briefing we feature one of the agricultural based universities, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). A brief introduction, Seku is an Agricultural based university located in Kitui county. It was before known as South Eastern University College (SEUCO) which was under University of Nairobi. It was later chattered on 2013.

On Friday briefing we interviewed a number of students and this is what they had to say on the activities that goes around in the university.

The hypocritical leaders in the varsity.
” During campaigns every contestant seems to be promising with a number of agendas which they claim to raise once offered the sit” one of the interviewee said.

They said they chose leaders to voice their complains and challenges to the administration but all their dreams are all doomed as soon as the new councils are elected.

They said the students were requesting to have open forums where anyone can raise his issue and be given way forward on how to solve or reduce the problem but to their dissapointment the semester ended without them having such a forum.

The promising leaders once elected by the student turn their back on them and side with the administration leaving the student with no one to talk to concerning their behaviour.

They argued that recently a number of student were expelled from the university and before expulsion they faced the board and to their surprise not any of the leaders tried to defend them. It went to an extent of some warning posters being displayed at the gate, which disapproved the named student from being anywhere close to the varsity.

Onother incident was told where one of the student council leaders was found pleading with the matron to take action against a lady who had by chance gone with cooking coil to her hostel room.

The unfairness was said to also be evidenced in the hostels where a room allocated for three beds has to accommodate eight people whereas some of the leaders live luxuriously in a room of two. If you want to live comfortably in our varsity hostels, you better be one of the matron’s favourite or befriend a student leader, said one of the students.

It does not end there, they talked of the class representatives being corrupt. They inform just the chosen few about the class activities. One talked of an incident where his course mate missed to do a CAT as a result of not being informed. The students believe that it is the work of the class representative to make the class aware of any changes.

This among very many issues are some of the voices raised by the mourning SEKU students. In as much as much praise has gone their way this last semester, SEKU student leaders should be aware that their juniors are mourning.

That marks the end of our Friday briefing. We appreciate your feedback. Keep the conversation going through the comment box below. Are there vices in your student leadership?. Can you air them out and have a knock at the door of your leaders directly. Remember he/she is reading this right now!!!




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