FRIDAY BRIEFING: This is Why Aden Duale Might be an Al-Shabaab Spokesperson


Hello there, you are just in time for the most comprehensive briefing here on Magazine Reel, Kenya’s Best Online Campus News site. We send our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the Garissa Attack and to the young Kenyans, who lost their lives. We will never forget you, we miss you so much.

Days after the attack, Nothern Leaders threatened to reveal a list of the Al-Shaabab sympathizers. A threat that would later be fulfilled. At the center of all this is one man who has said everything, ranging from controversial tweets to inciting messages. Lately, he has been accused of being an Al-Shabaab sympathizer, how true are this allegations?

Well on Friday briefing today, we seek to find out, we look at his earlier statements concerning the militia. The man is non other than the leader of Majority in Kenyan parliament, the Member of Parliament of Dujis constituency, the man who has been kicked and licked the same way, his name, Aden Duale.
On the 24th of July 2014, Duale brought the national assembly to a standstill when he labelled the opposition government CORD Al-Shabaab. This came at a time when the opposition government was calling for the withdrawal of the Kenya Defense Force from Somalia. Duale was up in the house saying that the Al-Shabaab too are calling for the withdrawal of the militia from Somalia. For Duale, Cord and Al-shabaab reading from the same script meant that they are a union, they are one. What left questions begging was how the Dujis Member of parliament could have the audacity to officially speak for Al-shabaab, a move that has been considered fishy and suggestive by political analysts.

Then came the Eastleigh controversial remarks where Duale seem to be directing the Militia to hit Other places like Machakos county instead of Eastleigh .This came at a time when insecurity was at its peak in Eastleigh which has mainly the Somali community. His statements could later get the nation talking and questioning his moves, many political analysts argued that Duale was inciting Kenyans and also telling the militia group where to attack. Another side of the coin also argued that Duale is just reckless and doesn’t care of what he says not to mention the timing of his statements.
Lately Duale has hit the headlines once more by inviting Al-shabaab for a dialogue. He further went ahead and said that Kenyans want peace admitting that he is negotiating with the militants for a round table dialogue:

“If you want us to send you elders and religious leaders, we will do so” Duale said.

Kenyans on twitter has since demanded Duale to be arrested with majority saying that Duale must be a friend to the dreadful militia. An enemy of al-shabaab caliber must be treated like an enemy and any calls for dialogue with them points back to the sad reality of an enemy from within. Since then,Duale is yet to defend his statements.
Speaking in KTN yesterday in on the bench programme hosted by Jeff Koinange, activist Bonface Mwangi openly stated that Duale’s cousin is in the list of Al-shaabab sympathizers, statement he said he is ready to defend. This further added questions to Aden’s loyalty and his stand on the fight against the militia.

duale speaking at a past function.
The point or rather the bottom line of all these is that the nation is keenly watching the Dujis legislator. The media is keeping tabs on him and everybody wants to hear his reactions tomorrow if not today. On that note we come to the end of Friday briefing today. We do this again next week. Do not fail to check on the second edition of your favorite picture column Snapshots.
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  1. I think Less not take this things lightly,An enemy is an enemy.somebody can not be suspected with no reasons…there must be some truth about is very painfull for a leader whom God has placed the lives of His people on his hand to take care and later you the very person betraying the same people.This person should be investigated

  2. As we pray for our sovereign nation,it’s vital that we be vigil for you never know where the enemy strikes first!

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