Friday Briefing: Why a University Degree is Becoming Irrelevant

Friday Briefing: Why a University Degree is Becoming Irrelevant

“Education is the key to success”, am not yet convinced because of a number of reasons. This is ‘Friday Briefing‘, the column that gives the news and stories around you a new angle to your thoughts and brings sense unto life.

Many educated youths are in the streets with no jobs, after four or five or six years in college seemingly someone probably in a suit seems to be changing the padlock each time these students graduate to hunting for jobs.

The second reason, i have found it hard to believe in education and degree as the pathway to success because looking around, i only see rich criminals and poor graduates. Are university degrees then becoming extinct or is it irrelevant? Are they slowly turning up to be the real definition of irrelevance?

‘Education has been overrated…’

The setting is that one attends nursery, primary school, secondary school then college/university. After the village that watched you going through this Whiteman’s education expects you to find a job in the city, drive at least a car, have a good house and add up a beautiful wife and kids. Look, if you fail to get a job on completing college, they will blame and curse you. They don’t care where the job will come from. They are that heartless. But then you can’t blame them. Education has been overrated and is most likely the cause of pressure related ailments among the youths of the current generation.

In a country where the magic of a surname plays the central role in job allocations, where economics graduates are found in schools teaching and medicine students are found operating a village chemistry in some forgotten part of Kenya and not to mention the engineering graduate who has now resorted to taxi driving in town. Things are not okay. The education system needs a quick overhaul. Education should be skills based, less of classwork, more of talent.

Degrees are becoming less important because at the end of the day you end up working in another field you even perhaps have no idea about. The nation is full of ghost workers who have not even a single paper, all they have is family ties with the boss.The nation is  full of young educated souls who have resorted to drugs and the only thing they can look up to are the weekly demonstrations so that they can vent their frustrations and feel relieved.

The basis of education in Kenya needs a serious quick restructuring today if not tomorrow. Being in college is not a gate pass to your dream job, build up on your talent and skill. Life in the streets does not require the silence of the library. Look at what you love doing away from reading and build on it, find someone to pay you for doing it because not everybody has a relative or a friend to link them up with the employer who they are getting the degree for!

Look! Kenya has more than 10,000 students graduating each year from institutions of higher learning, the market perhaps needs only 2,000 of them, that means 8,000 went to college to meet new friends, to have fun and to drink alcohol or soda. 5,000 Lawyers being trained yet the market can only take in 1,000 of them! 5000 Students taking medicine yet we only need 900 of them employed. We are producing more than we need and nobody seem to be complaining including the students who are directly affected. Get this in your heads and brave up for unemployment unless you decide what to do with your life.

A Degree is not ENOUGH.

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