Friday Briefing:”Those who Fixed Me Are Well Known” Issac Ongoma Opens Up


It’s Friday and this is Friday briefing here on Magazine Reel, the only way to tie up a busy week. Many thanks for joining me on set today.

He was described as the hope of comrades. He had a dream, he had dreams, to change the lives of comrades at Egerton University. Valid dreams. His dream saw him elected into office as the students’ president.

But before he could settle and actualize the dream,he was shown the gates. His stay at Egerton university, Njoro came to a halt following an expulsion over allegations of being the think tank of the strike that saw property worth millions of shillings go up in flame and lots more destroyed.

His influence is still felt among comrades. Today he joins me on Friday Briefing for the second time since his expulsion. He tells us where he has been ,what really transpired on that dark night inter-Alia, His name.Issac Ongoma. Friday briefing begins now.

Koyo:Issac Ongoma, it’s been long bro. Many thanks for finding time on Friday Briefing today. Pleasure

Ongoma: Thank you too for having me at your desk today, it is my pleasure to share my time with you.

Koyo:Since your expulsion from Egerton University, Where have you been and what have you been doing

Ongoma:Since my expulsion,I have been a relaxed man, trying to recollect the pieces and taking stock of my life before I take the next step. However, since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, I got a job with an Agricultural NGO that operates in Western, educating farmers on sustainable agricultural activities. I enjoyed working with the farmers. Secondly,it was my moment to get closer to God and amend my ways with Him. I have engaged my fellow youth in my Anglican faith, serving as their Youth Leader in Western Kenya. Finally,I have established my networks with my constituents in Butere, more so the Young people! In respect to this, I created the Butere Youth Leadership Forum, where we discuss our affairs and engage the Leadership one-on-one.

Koyo:Do you regret ever going for an elective position at Egerton University

Ongoma: I don’t in any way regret going for the seat of Chairman-SUEU. I gave my interest and there I was with all my passion and my zeal…My brother, the world is littered with great men and women who sacrificed for the sake of humanity…Just imagine if Nelson Mandela regretted going to Prison and if Kwame Nkrumah regretted fighting for Ghana?I don’t regret.

Koyo:What do you miss most about Egertonians?

Ongoma: I miss the warmth of Egertonians…Egerton Comrades are unique! They are hardworking and very loving and they are very funny too. I miss all my former roommates throughout my stay in Buruburu and all members of the Christian faith…

Koyo:A lot has been said on the sideline about your expulsion from the University, On Friday Briefing today we talk about this statement that you posted on Facebook earlier on “TRUTH BE SAID…try to identify the names posting abuses…I never asked anybody to go on strike… instead they formed a team to cause destruction so that I can be chased away, many participated and I saw the. I wont stop, I have nothing to loose, I was expelled and that’s it, I will undress them. No Moles in the union.” Who was part of this team ,Who fixed you and how did things happen sir ?

Ongoma:Brother Koyo, those who fixed me are very well known. They are reading this interview of course! Naming them would be risking their lives…You know what? During the night of the strike, I mobilized some close friends with whom we nabbed several students destroying property and handed them over to the Security…The question I ask today is,Where are the people I handed to Security if at all the aim was to punish those who destroyed property? In short, those who fixed me are all around, and I leave it to God to judge.

Koyo:”No Moles in the union” I tend to believe that this statement us mainly addressed to the three Aspirants for the position of Chair in the coming elections.That is Amisi,Maweu and Macharia. Who is the mole among the three and why do you say so

Ongoma:Brother, they say show me your friends and I will tell you your character! How do you identify one’s character? By simply observing the close friends the individual keeps. Look at all the apirants keenly, analyse their close confidants and you will definetely know who the moles are…I won’t go further than that.

Koyo:Who do you support for Chair.Give your directions Today On Friday Briefing .

Ongoma: Who do I support for chair? Definitely only that who is really on the side of truth and on the side of comrades…By now students know the stark differences amongst them. As for direction, hold your horses comrades, I shall surely give the direction before the election.

Koyo:What do you say of the former executive led by Fredrick Jumah. What’s your thoughts on Juma, Acting as the Chairperson after your expulsion, he leads the union through.

Ongoma:Let me take this chance to appreciate Fredrick Juma for his service to students.In a very tense and difficult environment, he has done a lot for comrades…He has held them together, represented them and sacrificed for them. So, Fredrick and the entire team, May God Bless you.

Koyo:Sir,Your final words to all the aspirants in the coming SUEU Elections.

Ongoma:To all the aspirants,endevour to conduct peaceful campaigns,devoid of hatred and violence…

Koyo:Lastly,talk to comrades

Ongoma:To my fellow comrades, make Egerton unique, make it the best amongst equals. Refrain from any acts of violence no matter how the election goes…Remember the /11s who need to graduate in December. After all the most important thing is your academics, elections come and go, your destiny shall stand forever! Thank you too for inviting me and may God Bless You!

Koyo:Many thanks for Coming through on Friday Briefing today.Am very much grateful ,hoping to hear from you soon again.

Ongoma: Thank you so much Koyo for hosting me on Friday briefing today,keep on the good work you are doing bro.Yours reward is in heaven .

On that note we warp up Friday briefing today, you have got it from the horse’s mouth. From my corner, we wish Ongoma well in his future ways, continue telling the nation about the word of God.To the aspirants, play clean politics, let this elections peaceful like never before.Thank you for reading in, till next week.

Engage us on the comment box on the Reel Question today. Do you think those who will assume office next week will live up to their manifestos?

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  1. After ongoma’s exit i dont think i have anyone to trust.both aspirants are just as coward as admin.if admin.wasnt coward ongoma would have never been expelled.peacefull election comrades

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