#FridayBriefing: Is SUEU VC Collince Omiti Likely To Double Up As The Director Entertainment?

SUEU Egerton

When its Friday you know its time for Friday Briefing here on MagazineReel.Now,politics is not just about sunshine and rainbows its about Men and women going to the limits just to try and achieve the maximum votes. Get into office and serve the electorates in the various positions.Though the ride brings in fame for the politicians,one thing that comes along with that advantage is the hard work to achieve on the manifesto and the closer some of the dockets are to the hearts of the electorates. At Egerton University,Njoro campus,the script is not different.The new SUEU executive is in the place ,the most referred to docket -Entertainment,transport and sports forms the basis of Friday Briefing today.We start Now.

After the elections ,one Harriet Atieno was declared the winner,according to the results released by the Commissioner. She had managed to flaw Daniel Mokaya ‘Dj Obidan’ and Harrison Kibuthu,before the celebration could be dusted , a petition was filed questioning her candidacy. Harriet was a finalist and as per the SUEU constitution ,students in their final year of study are not eligible for any electoral seat in the union.Its true Harriet was on the ballot papers despite being a finalist,she went through the nomination process and was cleared to vie,She spent on the elections,that’s normal.What is abnormal then is how she went through the nomination process all through to the ballot despite being a finalist.That is the question I cannot get the right answers to but I can guess.Yes,Perhaps the electoral commissioners slept on the switch .

Under normal circumstances,the seat ought to be declared vacant and fresh elections are called on that docket,but that did not happen,instead the inauguration went on and the docket was skipped.The question then is Whats Next ? What is the future of entertainment,sports and transport in the next one year ? .This is a docket central to every student,events must be organized and they should be organized well,people must move from one place to the other,people must play football,Rugby and all other games .Just who will be behind all these?

Now this is it,because the university is not likely to allow fresh elections on the docket,Unconfirmed Friday Briefing sources tell us that the Vice chairperson Collince Omiti has been appointed to hold on to the position,this is not news,last year we had executives serving in two positions,getting double allowances.If its true that Omiti will be able to serve in the two positions ,then the future of the entertainment ,sports and transport at Egerton University still seem bleak.

It was only fair that Fresh elections are held so that the docket have its leaders,its a position that is considered most loved by students,its on the lips of every comrade and so it deserves maximum attention more than some executive seats am not going to mention on air.

On that Note i warp up #FridayBriefing today with a wise saying “If we all fail to learn from history,the next generation will look back at us as failures”  .The conversation goes live on twitter @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo.








  1. Eger na vituko vya siasa vitaisha lini ama huo ndio mtindo mpya ambao umezinduliwa!!#Pesa ambazo hutengwa haswa kwa kura zilizoharibika zitumike kisha kiongozi ateuliwe. Nakiri siasa ina mambo yake hata kama ni kuiba upate cheo lakini yakimwagika hayazoleki;;Wa kulaumiwa ni nani??

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