#FridayBriefing.Two Courses That Will Probably Leave You Poor After Graduation.


Going through the 8-4-4 system of Education in Kenya is no easy feat, especially the second part of it. High school,its defined by early dawns ,loads of work not to mention the many joint examinations the candidates go through. Its defined by persistence,consistency not to mention hope. Hope that after all the struggles,one will pass and join the university of their choice.When the results are announced and a students is called to join university to pursue a course,be it ,that which he /she wanted to do or that she has been advised to do by a guardian. Its celebration,pomp and color as that is seen as a major step towards self independence.The parents for once breath easy.

Its on joining campus and stepping into the first lecture changes the scripts.Have you ever though of the probability of your course feeding you after campus.Today we tell you of those courses that might just leave you hopeless and poor after campus ,those that instead of strengthening your dreams,will probably bury then six feet under.Take a look.

Clinical Medicine:

This is one of the courses most students in high schools are attracted to,its considered prestigious.Many students in campus consider it well paying ,that job that will put a smile on your face all the way to the bank at the end of very month. Clinical medicine students are reported to be dishing Ksh.5000 to get an internship at the various organizations, during the one year internship,they are payed roughly Ksh.15000 as remuneration monthly,the internship however comes with long hours of work.Its after the internship that the sad reality dawns on the students,chances of getting employed are very minimal,for you to get fat on it,you must be able to have your own clinic that will cost you around half a million because it has to be in line with the current standards to be approved.See,as a student who lived on HELB cash through campus ,where on earth will you get that money from if you  have not even payed your HELB loan.Result?,Desperation ,you remain weak and poor both financially, physically and emotionally.

Food Nutrition And Dietetics.

This course involves formulation of therapeutic diets ,nutritional consultancy ,food products labeling to mention only but a few.This course is however very tricky,after four years in campus,you get to register with the KNDI(Kenya nutrition and dietitians institute) ,this the board that will determine wether you will practice the course or not,here you pay Ksh.10000 for indexing,Ksh.4ooo for registration ,Ksh.20000 to be allowed to own a clinic,or certification to practice ,this is after being subjected to a one year unpaid internship .Now this is it,after doing all these(that is if you have the cash) ,you will need to furbish your own clinic with the up to standard equipment’s that will require not less than Ksh.300000.You will then need to hit the ground for over   a year to get your clients streaming in.This is one of those courses that will probably leave you regretting ,looking back at the four years you spent in campus.

Well,that marks the end of Friday briefing today.Many thanks for coming through .Its prudent for all the students in campus to be more inventive and come up either ideas in the business sector for that’s the sure way of avoiding frustration by any chance one fails to get a job.Care is of great importance when resting on a course to pursue ,this is for those who are in high school,they have a chance to think outside the box,for those already in campus,they have a chance to think of a way out before it gets late.

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  1. Absolutely disagree with your sentiments. There is no course that makes one rich or poor! its all about financial education and ones mindset on the concept of mulla.#opinion

  2. I totally disagree,, I personally consider all courses the same, holding the same weight…no one I guaranteed fr that sweet futre by the virtue of his/her course may it be engineering, maths & comp lke myself..no one
    n supose wat r the so called promising courses?? I wld like to know

  3. I did clinical medicine but i work in sudan I earn roughly 500,000 per month.. Think you were just guessing to make those persuing loose hope

  4. i dont think i’ll live for my course..in the today kenya its survivor fr the fittest, try every opportunity that comes ur way..
    agribusiness the best venture

  5. i disagree with ur argument. no course is good or bad, t depends with ones principles.....we need to think outsid the boxes comrades....


  6. I did food nutrition and dietetics and am loaded, doing masters on the same coz have seen the fruits

  7. ones fortune lies wth d creator. u can take those mentioned courses yet u end up landing on another profession altogether

  8. so long as you have that intellectual knowledge you can change your situation…all courses were approved by a purpose

  9. that is abig big lie, I dont knw abt clinical med but nutrition jobs are there guys, let not anyone cheat you, if you wanna go for nutrition go for it, nowadays everyone needs nutrition support, so go for your dreams

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