Full Speech Bits by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Sagana Meeting with Mt Kenya Leaders

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This is as reported by Citizen TV’s political reporter and editor Francis Gachuri through his Twitter Feeds.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Speech at Sagana Meeting with MPs and other leaders from Mt Kenya………

Mnataka tuongee lugha gani? Lugha zote ni zetu. I want that once we leave here, we speak in one language, in unity and unison.

I know today some people are expecting me to come here, speak in anger or insult anyone. Too bad for them, i have no anger or insults. Mine is to have a conversation with you, to chart the way for this region and country.

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DP Ruto Urges Kenyans to Reject BBI and Uhuru’s Plea

It is important to remind you of where we have come from, since 2007, you all know what happened, i don’t want to repeat that story. I remember how some of you seated here were so against our decisions to look for unity in 2007.

You all remember how things were in 2017 and the repeat election. I feel so sad when I see people speak the way they speak today. There are some people here, who i can tell you what they went through in 2017 and i had to convince them, appeal to them not to revenge.

The you hear them call me dynasty just best i was born by Kenyatta. Who chooses where he wants to be born? Tell them to stop insulting me, they will know where votes come from next year.

You hear them from top of the vehicles brag about what has been done: roads, water, education as if such work is done from those rallies. That work is done from state house, where you sent me. Tell them to stop milking with my ‘nappier grass’

You remember how they claimed to have been left out of the handshake. Remember how in Bomas i said how they involved and even nominated members to the BBI team? The truth must be told.


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You see them here come to tell you, ooh you have been neglected and throwing some few coins your way to hoodwink you yet it’s the same money they have looted,your resources. Take that money when it comes, but don’t be blinded or misled.

If these people care about you and this region, why would they the other day oppose the revenue sharing formula yet it was keen on solving the problem of skewed resource allocation?

If they really care about the hustlers, let’s say in mathare Nairobi, why would they oppose that revenue sharing formula?

What is the problem with taking what BBI is offering us, then wait for whatever else they are promising us in future when they get into power?
Some people keep saying I made a promise to them, no, i only have a promise and covenant with the people of Kenya. That is the promise I am implementing. Ask your guy why he can’t allow me to do my work and keeps coming back for the baton, instead of waiting for his turn.
Anyone who is interested and genuinely interested in our region and family must use the front door. We must be wary of the one who wants to use the kitchen door or the bedroom window.
I ask you to support the BBI and what is proposed. It safeguards this region and other regions in the country so that whoever becomes president, no matter how bad will be able to mistreat anyone.
There is nothing more important than our unity. Let us not be misled. Don’t be lied to. Let us pass this BBI, other things will come later and we will make a decision.
I have no quarrel with anyone. It’s God who decides, through his people and their votes who will become president.
As i leave office, i want to make sure that i leave you in a better place than i found you. Those coming to tell you bad things about me and telling you to reject what I am proposing, ask them what they are offering in alternative.



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