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    Advertising is all about building a relationship with your audience and then leveraging that relationship to sell more stuff. The idea of selling more is what we mean by getting a huge ROI.  But not all ads can help you sell especially at this time when the world is almost shutting during to the Spread of the COVID-19 and other pandemics.

    Surveys have shown that most online users especially with huge purchasing power fast forward through commercials, go strategically blind whenever they see some types of banner ads, and install ad blocks on their Internet browsers to avoid the hassle. This typically shows that today’s online users do not convert with traditional modes of advertising used by businesses.

    Well, as a business owner or just a site owner who needs to reach as many people in the world as possible or build proper links for your offline business, you should be happy since you have other avenues to get your objectives rolling as more and more people begin to stay indoors and work from home. Through the power of content marketing, you can build awareness for your brand and your products or services without triggering a shutdown sequence.

    We know that you’ve heard about Native advertising and Sponsored Content to be precise. The Sponsored content concept has been around for a while, but  probably you’re still not using it and struggling to find out what can really offer you a huge ROI. This site Magazine Reel, is able to craft your sponsored content to look like any other normal programmed content hence trigger a huge readership and conversions for your business.

    At, your Sponsored Content will be witty, entertaining, educational  and will never junk online users and readers with the not so loved “buy buy buy!” language.

    As a respected blog and publication, your potential clients and targets will first learn about your brand through a platform and people they trust, they are then more likely to transfer that trust over to you without question or doubts.

    Plus, through sponsored posts in Magazine Reel which has a million unique users and about two million views a month, you’re able to go where your audience lives already, and not just wait for them to come to you– all the time hoping that they find you and not your competitor.

    Let’s talk budget and Costs

    Magazine Reel allows you to spend between $500 to much more than $150,000 per campaign.

    You could go for 15 Sponsored Content a month and they’ll grant you a $50 discount on each post settling at $450 per post.

    For 4 different campaigns in a month with 3 posts a day, you’ll enjoy a special price of $30,000 for each campaign for a month.

    This is also accompanied by an additional free postings on the Platforms valuable Social Media Pages.

    Want to Book Sponsored Content Space Now?

    Well, you are already in. Make a booking by sending an E-Mail to SALES@MAGAZINEREEL.COM. Kindly indicate ‘Sponsored Content’ as the Subject of your Mail.

    You could request for more advertising options and rate card via E-Mail; INFO@MAGAZINEREEL.COM



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