get rape

get rapedWe now live in a man eat man society, where it is man for himself and God for us all. Sorry feminists and atheists too, you can modify that to suit your beliefs as you so please. And just so you know, I have nothing against you.

So rape isn’t something new to us, we’ve all heard of some shocking statistics from the media. Saddening tales of how girls have been raped by strangers, friends and family too. There also is an emerging trend of the males being raped. Most shocking one was one that took place in Pangani Girls where the girls raped their watchman a number of years back. I bet most of you are familiar with the ordeal at St. Cyprian Secondary School formerly known as St. Kizito Mixed Secondary School where thee male students turned against their fellow students.

Rape refers to sexual assault, usually sexual intercourse usually initiated by one person against another person without that person’s consent. It comes with violence and results in irreparable damage. I will majorly give tips on how to avoid that, as per my opinion.

1. Avoid isolated places and dark paths.

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This is as easy and as straight forward as it is. Walk in well-lit areas when it is late and keep away from isolated places especially when alone. This will save you the risk of bumping into idle people who are potential rapists.

2. Avoid walking alone in unfamiliar areas.

People who are unknown to you are more likely to turn against you especially if you walk around looking lost and confused. Also avoid asking for directions from anybody. Be a good judge of character and ask those you feel you can trust most advisable security guards and permanent residents of that area.

3. Avoid meeting with people you don’t know in private places.

Always be on the lookout when meeting people for the first time. Don’t trust too easy and do not agree to eat them in private places, say, in their homes. You can’t be too sure about what can be waiting for you. Insist on hanging out in public places where you are familiar with.

4. Avoid giving members of the opposite sex mixed signals.

When relating with persons of the opposite sex, it is of essence that you be clear on how you interact with them. Avoid being in compromising situation and be clear on your level and type of relationship because some cases of rape are as a result of frustration from the other party not giving in to sexual advances from the other.

5. Avoid indecent dressing.

I know this is a pretty lame tip because old grandmas still get raped while in their huts and there is no indecency involved. But to some morons attacking and raping females dressed skimpily is their idea of punishment and disciplining them for not being well behaved. This should not be the case as it goes against the spirit of being liberal and free.

So yeah, I think that’s it from me. Just be safe guys, you never know. Everyone is a potential rapist, even your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, house help, colleagues, anyone. Trust your instincts.



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