Government Establishes National University of Kenya

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The state department for university education and research has established a special committee to develop a policy of Kenya elite universities recognition class. The committee will also be expected to develop a proposal on the establishment of a new institution of higher learning.

The new campus christened the National University of Kenya (NUKE) is according to the department, a way of supporting and implementing reforms in the University education sector.

The Special committee to be chaired by Prof. Paul Baki from the Technical University of Kenya will have nine other members including Dr. George Nyandoro from Kisii University, Dr. Guyo Huka from Meru University, Prof. Anne Amadi from GLUK, Prof. Alex Muumbo from TUK, Prof. Josephine Ngaira from MMUST and Dr. Joseph Gravenir from Kenyatta University.

Other members will include Maasai Mara University’s Godrick Mathews, TUM’s Dr. Rahma Udu and Kibabi University’s Prof. Ernest Sangai. The secretariat will have Grace Mutisya and Mr. Evans Atambo.

The committee will also be tasked with establishing challenges facing available institutions of higher learning that in turn affects their global status and competitiveness.

According to the directive, NUKE will be a model university rated equal to the Ivy League Universities such as Havard, Oxford and Cambridge University.

The National University of Kenya will admit both local and international students into various programmes which will also be brought forth by the committee.

There is also a new proposal that seeks to establish a new way and mode of admitting students into the university.

The committee is also expected to come up with a cost-structure and a log frame for NUKE. The new university will be listed as the first under the Kenya Elite Universities set to be established.

According to Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi, the Principal Secretary in the state department of education and university research, the special committee will take three months starting this September to undertake the tasks and physically submit the results.



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