Government to Build Hostels for Kisii Based KMTC


The accommodation challenge ravaging Kisii Medical Training College will soon be a problem of the past after the Government approved the construction of multimillion hostels meant to accommodate over 2000 students.

Philip Kaloki, the Kenya Medical Training College Board (KMTC) Chairman last week said that the Government has prioritized the matter and will be working swiftly to address it.

“We have identified land for the construction and through a public private initiative, we will soon be signing an MoU and subsequently laying a foundation stone for the construction. It is sad to note that not even a third of our students receive accommodation from our institutions,” said Prof Kaloki.

He said that the Government has injected close to 3 billion Kenyan shillings into the towards improvement in the colleges. The project is set to cover all the 42 campuses in the country.

Accommodation has been a major challenge in government institution’s including Colleges and Universities. This is precipitated by the fact that these institutions are taking in more students than they can manage in a bit to counter the academic thirst in the country.

The number of students seeking higher education has gradually improved over years but previous governments lagged behind in increasing the infrastructural capacities in the institutions.

Hostels which was meant to serve students two decades ago is still the one serving students till date. Although college and University managements have tried  to address the challenge, they are always faced with shortage or total lack of funds.

Accommodation outside campus has had its own fair share of challenges ranging from astronomical rents by landlords to insecurity. Students off campus face acute shortage of basic commodities such as water and energy.

The move by the government therefore comes as a relief to thousands of students who have suffered from the nightmare of staying outside campus.



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