Government to Give UoN Sh100 Million for Innovation

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The government will increase its funding for the University of Nairobi by Sh100 million to support innovation, President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced.

Launching Innovation Week at the university, the President said “the additional money from the government will be used to fund new inventions and the annual exhibition the university holds to showcase its innovations.”

President Kenyatta also urged other universities to showcase their innovations in agriculture and health, explaining that such innovations would help stimulate the economy.

He cited mobile money transfer services as some of the trendsetters.

Mr Kenyatta, in a bid to boost innovators, challenged government agencies and the private sector to buy products and services offered by local innovators.

As he visited exhibition stands, the President was captivated by biofuel made from hyacinth.

Fishermen on Lake Victoria have been hit hard with the hyacinth that has engulfed a considerable section of the lake.

“Too many of our people still don’t have healthcare they can afford: will one of you find a way to lower healthcare costs?” asked the President.

Mr Kenyatta reiterated his administration’s commitment to supporting innovation, adding that the government had fast-tracked the building of the National Optical Fibre Backbone through the National Broadband Strategy.

The National Council of Science, Technology, and Innovation, he said, had been created under the ministry of Education.

“The council serves as the custodian of the National Research Fund and our National Innovation Agency, bringing together our sharpest research minds to collaborate for the good of the country,” he said.




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