Grace Goes Down Memory Lane


Meet Grace,a freshman or woman for that matter.

Grace seems normal, ordinary and-well, sort of like your average Grace.The first impression you get of her is that of pure innocence and timidity because she prefers staying in a cocoon-like comfort zone. Don’t get her wrong though,she strives to hide her flaws by maintaining a serene and graceful gait whenever she’s up and about. You will spot her adorned in clothes that cover her up totally and one may label her “mshamba” or confused. Don’t be too quick to judge her, she’s just trying to put into practice what her mommy told her.

Grace First YearShe wonders why in such a Higher learning institution, ladies literally dress to kill leaving less to one’s imagination. She chooses not to meddle in the battle of the fairer sex as they outdo each other in showcasing who’s got the leaner ‘meat’ or ‘skin’ for that matter. Besides she had been warned against letting her naivety and weaknesses be known by anyone especially the male species.

Mommy had said that the John Does‘ were too venomous, cunning and addictive too and she had to steer clear away from them, if she really wanted her future to still be bright and not bleak. And boy, Grace really did keep off. When she was approached by any dude “kusindikizwa” to some place,she would be like, “Aki woiye, kuna baridi-sitamake,maybe next time.” Her next time would turn to weeks,months and before you know it …Hallo New academic year! Call it some smooth ride,huh?

Meet Grace,the Second Year Student.

She is clearly full of unmatched zeal and energy. Ain’t a freshman anymore, has a whole new perspective to life. She even makes it a point to indulge in every single activity within and without the University. Talk about joining all clubs and being an amicae of the mushrooming ones.

mwk22Grace can dance salsa, play the guitar, sing, play volleyball, oh and twerk too! If her blood boils with pure politics, be sure to find her tossed head on in this field, selling out her… are they called? Manifestos-yes Manifestos. Those juicy details of how when one is elected to a post, they’ll cause manna to fall down from heaven, uh-huh, you get my drift? Right. If she is the the religious type, be sure to find her pouring out her heart to God in Church or the Mosque. And if she ain’t too religious, well…members of Club K and all the gigs and joints around campus will be speaking about her in all manner of ways, “yule dem anazikwenda hadi achew”(that girl who raves till she falls into a stupor).

She’s easily spotted on normal lecture days(if she attends any)in girly or boyish cliques with the craziest fashion-wear ever reminiscing on how the week-end with DJ Creme de la Creme was the isht! and she’ll be like,”OMG!! Can’t wait for FriiiDAAYYY!!(with a distinctly fake and borrowed American accent)yet, while still in freshman year her accent was quite thick and all over the place. Wondering where she acquired it from? Beats me too. The fact though is that at this point, Grace has this little quirk that makes you wonder if sometimes her elevator goes all the way to the top.

Meet Grace,the Pre-finalist.

She’s almost seen it all and boy, she’s tired. If she did make the worthwhile choices then believe me she did spin a good yarn those previous two years. If her transcripts ain’t wanting then she’s got it all covered, no stress. Only a few more steps, then the cruel world out there would be glaring at her. Reality starts streaming in, no classes are to be missed lest she gets those loopholes in her transcript. She quickly shuns away any activities that may consume her time and this time she doesn’t really care if her life will be in a rut.

Meet Grace,the Finalist.

Very confident, all grown up, perhaps with a charming kid and a charming boyfriend or husband by her side.For the worse case scenario, with some runaway dude who hit and ran and is now on Deadbeat Kenya, what the hell? This time Grace seems so focused. The enthusiasm and determination she has, has kept the pages of her life turning, undeterred.

She already has a promising job as soon as she graduates.The 3 years in school so far has been a wave of thrilling experiences; more like a roller-coaster, an eye-opener. The things that used to excite her before and give her bouts of adrenaline rush no longer count. Ain’t time for regrets-she tells herself. Whatever can be mended,will be mended and life will take its course.



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