Grand landmark ruling for Engineers at the Supreme Court

Universities Send Engineering Students Home after Engineering Board of Kenya Term Expires

Mr. President. Uhuru Kenyatta and all Kenyan residents,  I bring to your attention the grand mark ruling, Civil Appeal No. 240 of 2013 ( Registration as Engineers) at the Supreme Court of Kenya building opposite City hall tomorrow 27th February 2015 .

Mr. President, when i look at the projects lined up for vision 2030, the annuity program, Geothermal development, the standard gauge railway, Rural electrification, growing oil and mining industries, laptop initiative among others, i see a big deficit of technical persons in the country, this renders that vision unachievable. With all due respect Mr. President, it is time you addressed the issue of registration of Engineering students and graduates into the current engineers board of Kenya. It is not fair for the students to go through a course for five years in a government institution, get a degree from a chartered university only to be denied the chance to practice. Most of these students put in this bracket are those that could not afford a course elsewhere and were assigned by former JAB into these institutions and now may end up never benefiting from the courses they did. Only 1 minute Mr. President, hear the plea of these students that suffer in the name of engineering ACT 2011 else you will import labour while you have it in plenty and render your own very qualified citizens unemployed.

Please purpose to attend the  of the Civil Appeal No. 240 of 2013 ( Registration as Engineers) at the Supreme Court of Kenya building opposite City hall.

Prof. Kitaoka interacts with a section of JKUAT engineering students during his visit

Kindly look into this matter as the country is loosing a lot of labour through brain drain, most of these trained graduates are turning to  not for profit organisations which have realized their potential.We desperately need the specialized engineering disciplines considering the direction Kenya is heading to, look at sanitation and solid waste management in our counties and imagine the kind of challenge we will have in the next twenty years…. that being just an example among many. Considering we have less than seven thousand registered engineers in Kenya, it raises eye brows as to why the profession seems restricted in an unexplainable manner whereas Kenya enjoys an education system known to produce some of the best intellects.

To all engineers yet to be registered, parents of student engineers still in campus, engineering students in campus and all Kenyans, let us show up in large numbers and Grace this grand landmark event that will determine the professional future of a degree hard earned in campus in five years.

It is our responsibility to fully ensure that justice is delivered.





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