Just how much money does a student need? Anywhere between 100k and infinity I guess. the Lifestyle a majority chooses to lead cannot be accorded to them by their parents. Whilst their actually nothing wrong with supplementing your pocket-money, HELB or from your folks, what means do we use? have we Explored all options there are and are the options to struggle our careers and maybe our lives.

I feel am meddling in thy business but, I guess at such a time it is warranted. A time when we are mourning an would be Economist, brought down by the arm of law. Shot, while milking an electrical transformer of its oil. That is not legal. how many more are on the run for what is not legal.

Have we tried campus politics and failed. yeah, the posts are limited. Have we applied for the various work-study programs in our campuses and corruptly denied a chance? Largely, the answer is no. capital NO. Class doesn’t allow settling for such. What about the many marketing jobs out there… They don’t demand much from us. Maybe a weekend out in some town and a hoarse voice on your return. That is not enough monies. What are some of the investments you have as a person or a group? Many bottles of wine & spirits is at display in our rentals. A rich bank of merry-making memories all year long. while money is useless if you aren’t spending it, money is used to make money. Amid the merry making, moderation is called for. Make it faster than you are spending it, legally.

Writing, one unexploited and seemingly non-paying job but trust me it pays. ask Oyunga Pala. tRy it too. Modelling, try it. dont just sit and ogle at the TV, those are people like you. Still more and More Designer are looking for somebody. Better still, take up all trades but with moderation still.



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