HELB Application Deadline for First time Loan Applicants


The management of the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) recently made an official announcement on the HELB deadline for the submission of loan application forms for first time applicants and continuing students for the year 2020/21.

Timely submission of applications before the deadline ensures that the applications are processed on time and the funds deposited in the student accounts just before the start of the next semester.

HELB is the state body that was established in 1995 through an act of parliament. Its mandate is to advance loans, scholarships, and bursaries to the students pursuing higher education in the recognized tertiary institutions across the country. Applicants must be updated on the HELB deadline and extension so that they can submit their loan applications on time to the board for approval. Failure to submit the application on time will mean that the students will have to look for alternative ways to fund their education.

The HELB deadline for first time application for the year 2019/20 for undergraduates, TVET loans and bursaries, and Afya Elimu loans is 31st January 2020. Similarly, the HELB deadline for continuing students for these categories is 31st January 2020.

The question at the back of the mind of most applicants as the deadline fast approaches is “Is there HELB deadline extension?” Well, it’s difficult to tell if the deadline will be extended or not extended. Instead of waiting for the deadline extension, applicants are encouraged to avoid deadlines and submit their applications on time.

The following are some of the most common questions that HELB loan applicants ask.

How do I apply for a subsequent HELB loan?

The subsequent HELB loan is for the applicants who are applying for the second, third, or fourth time. Those applying for the subsequent loan should visit the HELB portal, log in, select and fill in the subsequent loan application form for the respective program. You can then proceed to print TWO copies of the duly filled application form and present it to the Huduma Centre nearest to you or the HELB Student Service Centre on Mezzanine 1, Anniversary Towers, Nairobi.

Is HELB loan application on?

If you planning to pursue or are already pursuing a degree or diploma course in a recognized institution, you should be informed that HELB loan application is currently ongoing. First time and subsequent loan applicants are encouraged to visit the HELB portal to apply today. The loan application forms should be submitted before 31st January 2020.

How do I check my HELB loan disbursement status?

Follow this procedure to check your loan disbursement status;

Visit the HELB website Click on loan status. You will be redirected to the HELB portal where you will enter the username and password to log in. Click on the “Loan Reports” option. A drop-down menu will appear indicating the disbursement and statement. Select disbursement. If the loan has been disbursed, a form will appear indicating the loan disbursement status.

Alternatively, you can check the account balance of the bank account that you provided during first time HELB registration.

Does HELB give loans to diploma students?

Students pursuing diploma courses in the select university colleges, public universities, national polytechnics, and technical training institutions are eligible for HELB loans and bursaries.

It is important to note that the orphans, students who have single parents, and other deserving students are given priority during the application of the loan and bursary. Check the application requirements and download the TVET loans and bursaries form from the HELB portal. Submit one copy of the duly completed form to a nearby Huduma Centre or drop it at the HELB Student Centre.

If you need to apply for the HELB loan this year, take note of the HELB deadline. This is because the applications for first-time applicants and continuing students will not be accepted after the expiry of the deadline date. Ensure that you submit your applications earlier to avoid disappointment.



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