Here is How 2019 KCSE Students can know their University and Course in this Year’s KUCCPS Placement

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Education CS George Magoha is set to release the report for placement of universities for 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) students.

The announcement will be made today, Tuesday, June 2, and will see over 500,000 students get their placement.

In the 2019 KCSE results, over 125,448 students scored C+, the university entry grade and qualified for degree courses. 385, 860 scored between grade C and D. This lot qualified for diploma and certificate courses.

In general, candidates who attained C- qualified for diploma courses. Those who attained D plain and above are eligible for craft certificate courses while those who got D- and E can undertake artisan certificate courses.

The announcement will have an added incentive on it, as the government will raise an additional Ksh 7.5 billion (total will be at Ksh 17.5 billion) to cater for the increased number of students who qualify for university courses.

Each student will receive aid of up to Ksh 140,000 per academic year.

However, doubts were raised over the number of students universities will secure as most students, during the application opted for alternative institutions to undertake their studies.

Half of the courses announced by universities attracted less than 10 students forcing changes in the Education sector as some universities dropped the courses over less quorum.

According to 2018 data by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), many students opt for Bachelor of Education, Commerce, Pharmacy, Arts and Law courses.

Applications for KUCPPS placement was done a few weeks to KCSE exams. Students were offered 18 choices to apply for. On Monday 17, February 2020 the agency invited 2019 KCSE candidates to revise their courses on their website, offering a timeline between February 17 and March 9, 2020 5.00 p.m.

Six for degree, four for diploma, craft and artisan certificates. KUCCPS reviews the applications by considering the student’s priority, KCSE results and available university programs.

KCSE 2019 results were announced on December 18, 2019 three weeks after the candidates sat for their last paper on Wednesday, November 27.

To know their placement status, the students are required to login to their KUCCPS Portal.




  1. Me too I’m a student who sat for a KCSE.exams last year and how I wish to know my placement

  2. I’m a student who sat for a KCSE exams last year 2019 and how I wish to know my placement

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