Here is how to Consistently Bet and Win Each Day


Consistency is key when it comes to betting In a venture that assures losses regardless of the level of accuracy you possess, Just how consistently you can rack up wins and lower the rate of ticket losses is the difference between success and failure. The debug difference is that when all is said and done you should be in the green and your bankroll bigger than when you started. The method of spreading your bets over several outcomes at any given time just doesn’t work because you might lose all at once. But placing bets on the outcome of match events one at a time gives you time to assess if you’re doing something wrong or if you’re on the right path. Basically, you learn as you bets with minimal risk cause not all of your bankroll is invested at once.

Your bankroll should be protected by the approach you utilise whenever you bet. Risking your bankroll by betting with it on one event can either increase it substantially or you’re left with nothing at the end of the day. Even when you win with this approach, it is not sustainable in the long run cause you are likely to lose your hard-earned money to the bookies quickly and rack up debt if you have an addictive nature. Some make a plan about how to approach betting and chose a frequency to prevent over betting and losing their bankroll and that will help you immensely.

Discipline is required to avoid making mistakes when you shouldn’t because you see a game you feel will be good to bet on or to start betting on large odds to cater for lost bets and recover your money. That is not a sound strategy as you will lose more when you try to recover than when you bet to win in your normal routine bets because emotions are not involved ad nothing is clouding your judgement to limit your efficiency. Here are several things to consider when you want to make betting a worthwhile experience for you.

Place one bet at any given time

A bet should be allowed to finish or the outcome decided convincingly if still in play before another is placed. This helps to make necessary corrections while also making you aware of the state of your bankroll. It helps to calm you down when the urge comes to place bets to win back what you’ve lost. You tend to lose when you do that in contrast to when you analyse what went wrong and use that as a consideration for your next prediction.

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Pick low-risk odds

The temptation to win millions comes with time but you should remember that the likelihood of a bet winning decreases when the events and odds accumulated increases. Winning and losing such bets is directly proportional and you are safe with lower odds bet than with chasing long odds bets. The downside to this is that the return is small but it guarantees a profit in the long run in comparison to the other alternatives.

Single bets

As we mentioned above, chasing long odds is counterproductive if your intent is winning consistently. Single bets are the way to go because you get focused on a match and limit the likelihood of that bet losing. With this style, a decent tipster will hardly lose ten straight bet tickets if ever it even happens which is a decent bet with accumulator.

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Research and Analysis

Proper research and analysis should always be done on all matches before bets are placed. Head to head, recent form, rivalry and position on the league table should all the looked into when predicting, as well as, the frequency with which teams score and concede depending on the betting market you prefer. The use of gut feelings to predict the outcome of matches should be avoided at all cost because it is not reliable.



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