Here is How to get Your Cash Back If Your Bet Fails to Win at NeptunBET


Millions of people place bets on a daily basis harboring high expectations to win good cash and change their lives but, despite conducting a highly-rated analysis and getting most of the predictions correctly, one or two games sometimes spells doom to the entire ticket leaving them with no stake for their next analysed bet. NeptunBET, a newly established and reliable bookmaker not only in Kenya but all over the world has made it possible for punters to receive up to 10% of their money back if it happens that they fail to win any given bet placed by a player on their Website

The firm is also known for offering a wide range of bet types and competitively highest betting odds in nearly all sports in the gaming industry. It also enjoys security which is equally extended to players. Players are also able to replenish or deposit money to their digital betting wallets via MPESA at any time of day. They have made it possible to deposit money directly from your Bank account via VISA or MasterCard.

Apart from bonus programs, there are a few other qualities and characteristics you need to look for in a betting site before giving it a try. Such includes; easy, secure and affordable financial transaction mode, Fast Payouts when you win and withdraw your cash, ease of communication to the customer care and the kind of people employed as staff. Slightly over a million Kenyans have already joined NeptunBET for the above qualities and many more as listed below:-

  1. 10% Bonus per Deposit

As opposed to others, this betting firm is keen on ensuring that apart from you earning money, betting is turned into a gaming exercise which treats all players equally without looking at any of their social or economic differences and rewards all who have registered on their platform with cash prizes. 10% bonus per deposit is one such incentive which ensures that every player receives 10% additional cash in his or her wallet every time he or she deposits any given amount.

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For instance, if one deposits say 200 shillings either via MPESA or directly from his or her bank account to his/her NeptunBET digital wallet, 20 shillings is given as incentive and he or she ends up with 220 shillings in his wallet before placing any bet.NeptunBET

Also note that the firm has a 0% momentary accounts deposit without fee for those who make deposits to their digital betting wallets directly from their bank accounts.

2. Fast Payout to Jackpot Winners

It is hell winning any Jackpot because there are several people who have shared their stories on how they waited for their millions to arrive and ended spending a fortune to finally get the money into their account even after being published in top media outlets as winners.

For NeptunBET Players, this has never been an issue whether it is the daily, weekly or mega jackpot prizes, all are paid instantly. A Kenyan driver, Andris Ondili can individually confirm the fact. He won 5,098,040 shillings weeks ago and was able to withdraw any sum from his account within a few minutes!

3. No 20% Withholding TAX on winnings

Guys, this is a top secret we’ve revealed to you today. If you need your money in total as you’d calculated from the total accumulator odds you placed your stake on, then you need to Join NeptunBet right this moment. No hidden transaction charges, no withholding tax which is tormenting many East Africans especially Kenyans right now and no monkey business.

Once you have won, your total amount will reflect on your digital wallet and you can withdraw it via MPESA or directly to your bank account at any time.

4. 200% Bonus on First Deposit

Another top secret is that NeptunBet doubles first deposit amounts of new players. If you register now and make a deposit of 20,000 shillings into your main digital wallet or account, you will receive a 200% bonus hence end up with another 40,000 shillings in your bonus account before placing any bet.

Here is how to Register and Place Bets

There are other good to enjoy benefits such the odds booster that you’ll get to know and confirm either as a long-term professional punter or as a new player only when you register and Join NeptunBet.

  1. Register by Email

The process is simple! Enter your email, name and choose your national currency. Create a password, then confirm it. Complete the online form then click the Sign Up button. To get your 10% bonus, replenish your balance.

Follow the prompts until the end then make your first deposit to your main account. This can earn you a bonus of up to 70,000 shillings.



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