Here is How to Get Your Money Back when You Lose a Bet

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Chasing losses incurred from betting is the most dangerous act any gambler can engage in. This is one of the most important rules anyone betting should know as far as gambling is concerned as it can ruin a person. Any ticket that fails is as a result of some miscalculation or bad luck. Therefore, it is better to go back to the drawing board to come up with better predictions to stake on. Preferably, the following day after you lose a ticket and to resist the urge to stake which will likely fail. There are certain things you need to know to stop doing to avoid losing excessively. But first, we look at the reason people chase losses in the first place:

Why people chase losses

People tend to chase losses trying to recover the money lost after a failed bet. This has always led to losing more money than recovering the one lost from the previous bet as a result of poor judgement based on the emotions of the punter and lack of proper research. A punter that wants a high success rate in betting needs to learn how to resist placing bets after losing another bet. You then end up feeling worse than when you lost the first time. Here are things to do to improve your predictions and resist chasing losses.

Don’t be result-oriented

Avoid being result-oriented when you want to stake on a bet you have. Being result-oriented means that gamblers should avoid being too focused on the result of such match events. This is because there are other things going on in a match that a punter can take into account. The factors are; the number of goals to be scored, corners, cards etc. These are things that also happen regularly during a football match.

Control your emotions

Learn to control your emotions because it is very important when you are into sports betting. The success of your journey in betting depends on how well you control yourself in the face of losses. It is important to note that there will be times where you will lose consecutively and maybe a large amount of money. That is not to say that you are bad at predictions just that you will encounter difficult times.

During this time the ability to not chase the losses that you have is important. A clear head will help you predict better next time instead of losing more trying to recover a lost stake. The unpredictability that comes with a football match is enough. So learn to look the other way when you lose a bet and do better when next you predict.

Analysis and researching of matches before predicting

People talk about luck all the time when it comes to bets but the truth is you have a bigger chance of winning when you know what you’re actually doing. Sure there are things that are very hard to foresee but the truth is that you improve your chances when you understand what you are doing. A punter needs to know the match history, head to head, team form to have more knowledge about a particular match(es)before making predictions. So analyzing and researching matches before making a forecast about it is very important to win a bet.

For example, look at the match between Chelsea and Watford and check out the data available. You can get useful information from there to make better predictions and enable you less likely to fail. You can also by-pass the hard-work of doing this on your own and delegate it to us. Through our plans, you can turn around your daily loses and make sports betting a source of income for you especially during this trying times of Covid-19.

Here, we have ready and well researched bets ready to be placed on any site. The highly rated slips can help you start recovering what you have already lost day by day. You will be able to make up to 1,500 shillings (Kenya) each day from the slip just with a stake of 100 shillings each day. In a week, you shall have gotten back 10,000 shillings as part of your recovered losses and you will be well within the road to making profits from betting.

The rule guiding our plans is ‘win small but frequently’.

How Can I Join?

Anyone in the world can join our plans. You will receive the slip instantly via SMS immediately you subscribe to any plan. Note the prices for each plan and follow the below process to subscribe to any if you are interested in betting and would love to win on a daily basis.

A) Monthly Plan

Costs 3,500 shillings (Kenya) and $50 (US) for all the good people from the rest of the world. This will ensure that you get the bet slip each day for 30 days from the date of your subscription.

B) Weekly Plan

Takes up to 7 days and costs 1,000 shillings (Kenya) and $15 (US) for you in other great countries in the world.

A) Daily Plan

This is just a slip a day and goes for 250 shillings (Kenya) and $5 (US) for our other great friends.

Here is how to Pay.

  1. Kenyans – Pick a plan and pay for it by sending Money directly via MPESA to 0792862269.
  2. Other parts of the World – Check out the greatest plan for you and make your payments via Skrill to MPESA form of payment is also global and you could pay directly from wherever you are.

You can get in touch via EMail: or through calls and sms to 0758271865.



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