Here is how to Win 2,000 Shillings Daily in any Betting Site in Kenya

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The latest trend in the betting scene is the virtual betting which is the talk of town among most punters. The current pandemic has ensured that most games are suspended or postponed altogether. Many people who were earning from betting are now on the edge with no income at all. Some had started development programmes that have since stalled. But with the virtual bets, we can help you turn around things and get 2000 shillings as profit each day.

Virtual betting is basically a kind of betting availed by some bookies, in Kenya and the world, where customers can place bets on computer-generated games-which function just like real matches with real teams and players.

The games here, for example, football matches are ‘real’ but much shorter, so you don’t have to kaza for a whopping 90 minutes. The virtual matches usually take about two minutes each, but the winning value remains the same as those of actual matches.

Ofcourse, it is not easy to pull this off for most who do not know what virtual betting is all about. But you can still utilise services of professionals who have done this for years.

In Kenya, OdiBets and Betika have become famous for their unique virtual betting platforms known as Odi League and Betika League respectively. Sportybet also offers virtual betting platform.

In order to have their services, you’ll need to

  1. Deposit 500 shillings into your betting account
  2. Send 500 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269
  3. Send us your login details to 0758271865.

So, don’t wait for major global leagues to resume. This coronavirus outbreak might last long and cause financial damage to your life. You can jump on Virtual betting to make some ‘new chapaa’ as normal. But in this case, having value for your money.



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