Here is How You Can Bet Each Day and Never Lose

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You could be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible, but there are ways to place a legal no lose bet – with zero risk where you win whatever the outcome.

Aside from understanding how no lose betting works, the trick is in knowing where and how to find those no risk bet opportunities, and then taking advantage of them quickly before they disappear.

Right, let’s start on our exploration of no lose betting and all its intricacies. It’s not easy, there are some pros and cons to be aware of, and you’ll need to work hard at it to be successful. But the rewards can be good if you can make it work.

There are a number of different ways of getting involved in betting where you can’t lose – one is known as arbitrage betting, with the people that make money from placing winning no lose bets being known as arbers.

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It is betting on both outcomes in any type of match event. The bet will normally be placed with two different bookmakers, such that you win whatever the outcome.

By placing bets on two (or more) matches where the odds are high enough on both outcomes, you can cover all those outcomes and be guaranteed to win.

This strategy is not for the faint-hearted – it’s a fast-paced process and to do it successfully requires lots of focus, time, experience, dedication and the ability to keep your discipline. But you don’t need to worry since there are experts in tips firms who can do this for you each day but at a cost.


Here is How to Turn Your Betting Game to a Full-Time Job in a Month

Let’s take a look at an example. Liverpool versus Chelsea in the opening Premier League match of the 2020 season. It’s early in the season, there is no real current form to go on, and plenty may have happened with the teams between the end of last season and this match.

So the betting companies are uncertain of how to price it up. In one betting site, you might find that a win for Liverpool is set at 2.6 odds. If you can place one bet on Liverpool with a stake of 1000 shillings in this site and it wins then you take home 2,600 shillings. In another site, a win for Chelsea might be at 4.00. If you place 600 shillings as stake here and it goes through then you will have won 2,400 shillings. To further cushion you from losing, go for options with draw no bet to ensure that when the game ends in a draw, you get back your cash.

Whichever way the above game ends, you’ll have made atleast some profit at the end of the day. Arbitrage system of betting is much more profitable to high risk takers so if you are one then you get it right. From your stake, you can be sure of a 10% to 15% profit each day from betting.

As you have seen, identifying such games is not a walk in the park and needs a professional. Want to engage in this type of betting but need help? Well, we told you that at Sahihi Bet, we do this easily for our subscribers. All you need to do is to sign up to our Weekly Rollover Plan at a cost of 2,500 shillings. You can also opt for 3-day plan at 1,500 shillings. Remember, this are single bets without any possibility of losing so you will gain as much in the end.

How to Pay

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Navigate to Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till Number: 5266471
  5. Enter Amount: 1500 or 2500
  6. Key in MPESA pin and send

You can get in touch for other plans and to place order for sure bet slips via SMS or calls to 0758271865. They is also a ready sure slip with 20 odds going for 400 shillings. You can pay for it via the above process and you will receive it instantly via SMS.



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