Here is Miss Egerton 2015’s Modelling Prowess Youve Never Known


Stayse Natalie caught up with the reigning miss Egerton university. She prepared a report of such an awesome interview which will leave everyone more than motivated.

Nattie’s well stuffed grammar makes the whole scene a pleasure to follow. Magazine Reel shares the very story of the beauty queen directly as covered by her majesty Stayse. N. O.

Here we go…

She knows her way on the runway.Her charm and aura not only won the hearts of the crowd but the judges as well.Though young and full of life,miss Kendi Wanene is the true definition of modelling prowess.A veteran in the art of cat-walking,she is the girl to watch out for in the modelling industry.She could give Naomi Campbell a run for her money.Her beauty also comes with a purpose because of her soft spot for charity work.I took my time to find out her secret.

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Nattie:Outside modelling, who is Kendi Wanene?
Kendi: Kendi Wanene is a humble lady who settles for nothing less but the very best. Traveling and cycling are my greatest hobbies. I greatly cherish charity work and will go beyond boundaries to see a smile on those who are less fortunate.

N:How does it feel to be Miss Egerton 2015?
K:It’s humbling and a great privilege being named Miss Egerton University which means more than the title: responsibilities that come along mean more.

Kendi 1

N:I watched you train during the culture week and must say you model with so much ease and grace, what is the secret?
K:The secret behind modeling is doing it for passion and not fame.Enjoying what you do best with confidence and humility not only wins you the crowd but the judges as well.

N:What is your take on creativity and modelling?
K:Modelling requires one to be creative but not dramatic.Be simple on the runway but classy as well.

N:Mr and Miss Egerton 2015Gusii institute, Campus life, Police brutality, News, Demonstrations, Kisii, Students, How was the general experience?

K:The experience was great and a stepping stone to a greater beauty pageants.

N:The crowd had issues with the judgment of the pageant.Do you think the judges were fair?
K:Having done a national beauty pageant I believe the judges will always have a final say and that’s why there will always be judges in all pageants.The crowd is there to witness and enjoy the show.

N:Obidan,the Director Sports and Entertainment has been labelled a failure. Having worked with him on the pageant, what is your Opinion?
K:We all have our failures and success in life.When given a responsibility, we do what we can to make sure everything ends successfully no matter how hard it is.In every responsibility, we all end up not meeting the crowds expectations.The crowd will always broadcast your failures and whisper your success.

All smiles:Kendi during her crowning as Miss Egerton,2015
All smiles:Kendi during her crowning as Miss Egerton,2015

N:What’s next after the title? Do you have interest in modelling outside Egerton,taking it to a new level.
K:Apart from being Miss Egerton University, I am  the reigning Miss Corporate Laikipia County.I was also the runners up on Miss Corporate World Kenya.
I use my title to spread love to the less fortunate kids in the society;encourage them and reassure them that their opinion still counts.

N; Any words of wisdom for upcoming models?
K:Modelling is never a simple task.It has its challenges and benefits too.A model should not have extremely high expectations.Do it for fun while enjoying the runway and above all be driven by passion.

N:Parting shot for your fans?

K:Humility, simplicity and class is the key to the making of a beauty queen Overconfidence and underestimation of fellow opponents is the key to failure.

All the Best Kendi!You go girl!




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