Here is the Winner of Sportpesa Jackpot Worth Kshs. 29.5 Million


As many are waiting for the official unveiling of the winner of Sportpesa jackpot games for the last weekend, Magazine Reel can now authoritatively confirm that George Mwangi is the lucky guy. George is a resident of Githurai, 50 years of age and skillfully mature enough. Talking to Niaje a local publication early today morning, George said that he has been an addict in the Sportpesa prediction games over the last four months. George who is a father of 3 was accompanied to pick his prize by his daughter Wendy who is also a serious Sportpesa fan. This week, she got 10 out of 13 games correct.

“I was introduced to Sportpesa by one of my friends about four months ago and thats when the journey to win the jackpot began”, George told the crew behind Niaje news site.

When asked about what he will do with the money handed over by Sportpesa, he said that he is yet to figure out whatever the amount can do. He was though quick to add that in his life he has never received amount close to 29 million shillings. He said that he had become an addict but Sportpesa in itself is a very honest game. George said that his daughter used to tease him about his fanaticism and wondered why he always placed his bets even after losing.

“My daughter challenged me over my fanaticism and asked me to make her some money via Sportpesa and that is exactly what i have done”, George said amid laughter.

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The king of gamblers as he is now being referred to in Kenya also said that he was financially stable before and wont rush to use the money just yet. He said his family was aware of his win and had given him enough time to decide on what he will do with the money.

The news about his winning has though quashed the hearts of many university students especially in Kenyatta university who had been made to believe by one of the local publications that it was one of them who had won such a huge amount. Students had thronged the hall of residence believed to have been hosting the individual who had left the place for his rural home early Monday morning.

Even though George has gone with such a huge amount, Sportpesa has released yet another Jackpot game with 5 million shillings as stake to be won. Here at Magazine Reel, we congratulate George even as we inform comrades that “still waters run dry”.



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